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When people start thinking about bathroom remodeling and renovation, it's usually so that they can improve their quality of life. People often want larger bathrooms, more sinks, vanity space or more storage for guests. But regardless of the reason, bathroom redesigns are also one of the smartest investments in the home.

Along with kitchen renovation projects, bathroom work frequently recoups its cost in the value that it adds to the house. HGTV pointed to bathrooms as one of the best places to add and invest in your home. But it isn't just the large projects that add square footage – smaller bathroom remodeling jobs also frequently recoup costs. 

Of course, you don't automatically get all of your money back when you remodel, renovate or redo your bathroom. There are certain features that can help get the biggest bang for your buck. Here are a few of the most valuable additions to consider while coming up with bathroom design ideas.

Plain, but better
The bathrooms that return the most on their investments are the ones that update and improve without changing anything too drastically. Simple, sleek and new are all key components to a successful makeover. Wooden cabinets, stone counters and a walk-in shower are some of the most popular and beloved features in remodeled bathrooms. Staying with a neutral color scheme is also advisable.

A bathroom remodel comes with plenty of perks.
A bathroom remodel comes with plenty of perks.

Greener appliances
As people become more energy and water conscious, low flow toilets and passive solar heating are increasingly important. Homeowners should consider installing water conscious appliances as well as skylights which add light and heat.

Heated floors
Think about heated tile floors. As Houzz explained, heated flooring is a renovation that adds value to your house but also immediately makes your bathroom more comfortable on cold mornings. You can use electric heating elements or forced hot water. Heated towel warmers are also becoming increasingly popular for added comfort. These are especially attractive features in colder climates of the northeast.

A whole new bathroom
Real estate experts will agree, the best way to add value to your home when it comes to bathroom renovations is to add an entirely new bathroom. This can be one of the most valuable additions to a home. Converting a powder room to a full bathroom is also another way to add value.

Regardless of whether you want to add an entirely new bathroom to your home, extend the one you have into a master or you just want to redo the whole space, a qualified bathroom designer can help you get a new bathroom that will make your home more comfortable and valuable.

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