How to best manage your bathroom renovation

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You’re likely already aware of the importance of proper installation when it comes to your planned bathroom renovation. However, you might not know exactly which dangers are possible if you fail to seek out the best professionals for the job. Alure Home Improvements’ Kitchen and Bathroom Designer Patricia Nicolini explained how to manage a bathroom renovation to make sure that the end result is both beautiful and properly done. 

1. Make sure mud floors are used when laying out tile flooring
Extra care needs to be taken when installing ceramic tiling, which is typically the flooring of choice in most bathrooms. Unlike wood and other materials, ceramic is able to withstand the moisture that exists in the room. When being placed, they must be set in mud or cement properly so it doesn’t stretch and crack over time. It must be perfectly leveled and set, or else it could lift and cause serious issues. The unevenness could cause people to trip, and the cracks might allow moisture to fall under the surface, creating water damage and a buildup of mold and mildew.

“Cracked tile is unsightly, but these problems aren’t just aesthetic issues,” said Nicolini. “They can cause deeper, more serious problems.”

2. Measure twice, order once
Without precise measurements, a bathroom remodel could go horribly wrong. A door that doesn’t exactly fit could cause it to stick, windows that aren’t properly installed could create costly and uncomfortable drafts and a bath tub or shower installment that isn’t perfectly placed could create leaks and other types of water damage. Make sure there’s a system in place to recheck measurements before ordering materials.

3. Sheetrock should be smooth and even
If a contractor doesn’t take the time to spackle and smooth walls, the outcome could look unprofessional. It won’t help to paint over them – in fact, it could highlight the imperfections and make them look even worse. Similarly, extra care needs to be taken when installing moldings, as even the smallest miscalculations could cause them not to line up properly.

“Contractors who are self-proclaimed jacks of all trades and people who opt to do these types of projects themselves might not have the necessary skills to install everything perfectly,” said Nicolini.

4. Seek help from credible plumbers and electricians
A properly installed toilet that’s level and abides by plumbing codes is incredibly important. Similarly, it’s crucial that the electrical requirements of a bathroom are met. Before deciding on a renovation team, make sure that the plumbers and electricians are both licensed and insured. Hiring an installer who isn’t licensed or trying to do it yourself could cause serious issues with water leaks and other issues, explained Nicolini.

“Water can wreak havoc and really break down a home. It creates both structural and cosmetic issues,” she said. “It can cause things like water stains and dry rot and subfloor rot, which can drastically ruin the floor.”

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