My5 Tips To Design Your Beautiful Bathroom In Your Existing Space

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Marc Gilmore, 5 Day Bathroom Designer at Alure Home Improvements, knows there are many aspects to consider when designing a new bathroom, but here, he shares his top five tips on creating a beautiful bathroom in your existing space.

One, would have to be to focus on your vanity! Two, would be your cabinetry. Use solid wood! Three, is the bathtub area. Consider a soaking tub. Four, is your shower doors. Frameless is the way to go. And five, is larger sized tiles on the walls to eliminate grout. We hope this was helpful in designing your dream bathroom. Watch our video to learn more about these five tip on designing a beautiful bathroom in your existing space. To learn more about bathroom remodeling, visit us here. Click here to learn more about the rest of the Alure team!

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