What to know before making your bathroom a wet room

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If you live with someone who has mobility issues or you just want to modernize your bathroom, a wet room may be the solution for you. There are many points to consider before making the transformation. Marilou Arcuri, Alure Home Improvements’ kitchen and bathroom designer, explained everything you need to know about the bathroom renovation.

It’s perfect for those with mobility issues
Transforming your bathroom into a wet room makes it easier for seniors or those with trouble walking to enter the shower or tub. The absence of the barrier that exists in traditional showers and bath tubs helps reduce the risk of falling and makes it more wheelchair accessible. It also creates a larger shower space, which allows room for the installation of a seat to further aid those who need assistance with bathing.

You’ll save space
A wet room bathroom remodel is especially beneficial for smaller bathrooms, as it’s a way of expanding the shower space without extending the actual size of the room, explained Arcuri. Your bathroom could instantly appear much larger just by opening up the shower space and removing thresholds that typically give the room a more confined look.

Your bathroom will appear more modern
Swapping painted walls with tile can transform an outdated bathroom into a contemporary shower space, and there’s no need for floor mats or shower curtains, which add to its modern look and feel. Additionally, removing obstructions creates an open concept look that has been growing in popularity.

It’s easier to maintain
These bathroom renovations also make the walls and flooring less prone to water damage. You won’t have to worry about peeling paint or water stains on the walls. Also, flooring won’t need to be resealed as often as it might in traditional bathrooms, provided the appropriate type of flooring is installed properly. Plus, when it comes to cleaning a wet room, Arcuri noted that it couldn’t get much easier.

“All you have to do is aim the hand shower accordingly, and you can clean it all in one shot,” she explained.

It’s true to its name
A wet room is named that way for a reason. While tiles make your floors and walls less prone to water damage, everything else in the space is in danger of getting wet. That’s why it’s especially important to consider appropriate storage alternatives that can keep towels, toilet paper and other products safe from the water. A wet room may work best with a linen closet that can hold all of these items and keep them dry.

Proper installation is crucial
There are major advantages of having a wet room, but none of the benefits will be had if the appropriate measures aren’t taken during the installation process, warned Arcuri. For starters, the floor has to be pitched properly and the tiles need to be sealed perfectly.

“Installation and design is everything,” explained Arcuri. “If the products used aren’t specific for that application and if the installation isn’t done properly, you can experience major water issues.”

For these reasons, it’s important to seek the help of a professional with a strong background in wet room design. He or she can guide you in choosing the best materials and layout for the bathroom of your dreams.

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