Four Handy Window Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Sparkling

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A home’s windows are more than just panes of glass. They’re a gateway to the world, an entrance for sunlight, and one of the first things passerbys notice about your home. That’s why the key to a sparkling house starts and ends with sparkling clean windows. 

Not only do clean windows help boost your curb appeal, they also can increase the amount of sunlight your home’s interior receives, which can have some hidden psychological benefits. You also can increase your window’s lifespan by maintaining them regularly, which saves money in the long run. So as you can see, it’s truly important to keep your windows clean and fresh. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t truly know how to properly wash their windows. They might assume that truly clean windows require power washing or other professional services. But you don’t need professional help to get your windows professionally clean. With just a few materials, like a rag, a bucket, some window cleaning solution, and a squeegee, you can wash your windows like a pro! That’s why we’re offering these simple tips to help you clean your own windows to make sure that your home sparkles and shines. 

Wait For Rain (or Wash Just Before a Storm) 

The reason why you should wait until after a rainstorm to clean your windows might surprise you. Most people assume that a rainstorm might “do the work for them” by cleaning the window, but in fact, the opposite is true. A downpour does not create enough pressure to clear out any dirt or grime. Instead, the rain will make these impurities more visible and noticeable. 

After a storm has passed is the perfect time to see these problem spots and address them head on. That said, you might also be surprised to know that cleaning your windows immediately before a storm also can help them really shine. While you might moan that you put in work to clean your windows only to see it rinsed away by a storm, you’re actually improving your windows by letting Mother Nature give your handiwork one final rinse. 

Sweep Off Dirt and Dust Before Washing 

Before you even think about bringing water and window cleaners into the equation, you need to sweep off any dust or dirt you might encounter. Any larger particles that can be removed by hand should be cleared out so that your cleaning efforts can focus on the smaller, harder to clean spots. Even if you’re only taking a few minutes with a brush to dust off windows and frames, it’ll make a huge difference at the end of the day.

When you start actually washing with less dirt on your windows, less dirt ends up in your window rinsing water. This will limit how dirty the water you use to clean the windows will get, which in turn will limit how much dirt you inadvertently put back onto the windows as you clean. This step will save you a lot of water refills, and also will make sure you can do the job right on your first pass. 

Use a Squeegee 

When cleaning windows, most homeowners use rags or paper towels to dry their windows. While we would recommend against using paper towels, we’d humbly suggest that you eschew your rags by using a squeegee. If you don’t have one, it’s an inexpensive tool designed to save you so much time and effort during its lifespan, and we’d recommend purchasing one for future cleaning projects. 

Squeegees are, by far, the most effective way to get as much dirt and lines off the windows, leaving you with a streak-free clean that really lets your windows sing. Squeegees are your friend, and should be included in any window cleaning project from now on.

Clean the Inside AND Outside of Your Windows 

Most homeowners and renters make the mistake of focusing all their attention on the outside of their windows when it comes to cleaning. But the inside of your window gets just as dirty, and can keep your windows dingy and gross if ignored. It’s essential to clean both the inside and outside of your windows in order to get the most out of your cleaning efforts, and to really help your home sparkle to its full potential.

The final consideration to make, once you’ve grabbed your squeegee, picked your post-rainstorm-timing, swept off dirt and dust, and planned on cleaning both inside and out, is what sort of window solution you should use. You can clean with liquid solutions, either natural or with chemicals, foam solutions, or even wipes.

However, if you want to save some money, you can make a cheap, easy and environmentally-safe window cleaner from the comfort of your home. There are several options out there, but we like this window cleaning recipe which only calls for two cups of warm water, half a cup of vinegar, and a ½ of a teaspoon of liquid soap or detergent. Put that in a spray bottle, spray liberally, and watch the dirt wash away. 

Of course, store bought solutions can work just as effectively, so it’s up to you to decide what cleaner you’ll want to use.


But so long as you follow these four steps, you’ll be in great shape to really liven up your home with windows that sparkle. 

About The Author: Jeff Good is a writer and content creator with a passion for research and using writing to learn about new things. A lifelong Chicago resident, he loves writing, cooking, and his beloved Cubs.
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