Cleaning hacks: 7 tips for keeping your windows spotless

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Whether you’ve just had replacement windows installed and you want to keep them looking new or you’re tidying up your home as part of some spring cleaning, it’s important to focus on your windows. Windows are one of the most important design aspects of your home because they impact both your interior and your exterior.

Clean windows can give you stellar curb appeal and your desired interior design. However, sometimes it’s easier said than done to keep your windows spotless. Even when you do clean them, they can spot, streak or smudge. Here are a few useful tips that will let you clean your windows like a real pro.

1. Avoid the sun 
If you’re trying to get rid of spots and streaks on your windows, the sun is no help. It’s critical that you wait to clean until you have a cloudy day or after the sun has moved away from your window before washing.

The heat from a bright ray of sun will make the water or cleaner dry too quickly and leave unsightly spots on your windows. It may be inconvenient, but waiting until the sunlight has moved can save you a headache.

Keep your windows clean to enhance the indoors and outdoors.
Keep your windows clean to enhance the indoors and outdoors.

2. Use cold water 
Similar to the sun’s heat, warm water or cleaner can evaporate too quickly, leaving ugly streaks. Instead, simply use cold water, whether for rinsing or mixing with a homemade cleaner.

“Double-hung windows can tilt into your home for effortless cleaning.”

3. Clean the outside from indoors 
For most modern homes, there’s no need to break out the ladder to clean both sides of your windows. Instead, they should be able to tilt inward to allow for easy outdoor cleaning.

Double-hung windows can tilt into your home for effortless cleaning that will enhance the exterior of your home. For casement windows, open the window until it is fully extended and reach between the frame and sash. Acquaint yourself with your window’s abilities, and if it doesn’t open inward, consider adding new easy-to-clean replacement windows.

4. Know which cloth to use 
You don’t want to use any old cloth or paper towels to clean your windows, otherwise you’ll be left with lint and debris Instead, opt for microfiber cloths that don’t leave anything behind and can help you get that perfect streak-free clean. Newspaper and coffee filters are also lint-free options.

“Try a squeegee like the pros.”

5. Try a squeegee 
If you have large bay windows that you want to look pristine, try a squeegee like the pros. These tools are easy to use. Just wipe down your soapy window at 45-degree angles with a dry squeegee. Dry after each use and you’ll be looking at a window that’s as clear as possible.

6. Clean and protect your sills 
Before you start washing your windows, take a minute to brush or vacuum your window sills. These areas can build up dust and dirt. After you clean them, put down a towel to protect them from any window drips.

7. Get rid of tough stains 
If you have a difficult stain that won’t go away when you clean, find out what your manufacturer recommends for cleaning tough stains – you may be surprised. Straight razor blades and steel wool may be the right tools for mineral deposits or adhesives depending on the window type.

This spring take the time to clean your windows and consider installing replacement windows that will make cleaning even easier.

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