Important questions to ask window replacement contractors

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All homeowners deserve the best possible house they can create. That is why when they decide to undertake  home improvement projects, such as replacing their windows, they should hire a professional contractor who can do the job well. To make sure that a certain contractor is a good match for you, be sure to ask the following questions:

"Asking questions can ensure you hire the right contractor for the job."

Are you licensed or accredited? 
This question will help homeowners make sure they are dealing with an actual expert. By checking for a valid licensure or other credentials, you can weed out those contractors with less professional experience. Though some states my not require contractors to obtain licensing before operating their business, they will usually be required to pass some sort of certification. Either way, the contractor should have proof of legitimacy to show. 

Is there a specific type of window you would recommend I use? 
Some contractors prefer a certain type of window brand to others. For example, a contractor may trust windows made by Marvin Replacement Windows and only use those in their projects. Homeowners should know what type of windows they will be getting if they do not already have a brand in mind. 

How long do you think the project will take to complete? 
There is the saying that greatness can't be rushed, but every homeowner should be given a timeline for the contractor's project. Though most professionals will probably not give you a specific date of completion, reliable ones will be up front about the length of the process and keep you informed along the way. 

Asking the right questions can help homeowners get beautiful results like these.
Asking the right questions can help homeowners get beautiful results like these.

Could you provide customer referrals? 
If homeowners are still unsure as to whether or not a certain contractor is right for their project, they can request that the professionals provide referrals from previous clients. This will allow the homeowners to see the company's track record and determine if they are the right ones to trust with their renovations. Contractors who are willing to provide references and/or photos from their previous completed jobs are preferable, as this gives their reputation some transparency.

Does your work come with a warranty?
Warranties are often a sign that a contractor is willing to stand behind the quality of his or her work. Additionally, sometimes accidents happen, and it's good to have the insurance of a warranty in place. Homeowners might be better off selecting a contractor whose work comes with a warranty. 

Home improvement jobs, like replacing your windows, are often rather costly. To get the most value for their investment, homeowners should make sure they are working with a trusted, professional contractor who will complete the job well and in a timely manner. Knowing which questions to ask when selecting a contractor can help these homeowners make the right decisions for their specific projects and could help them get the beautiful results they expect. 

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