Why Does Your House Need Artificial Grass Landscaping?

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 Do you like mud, cutting the grass often, or spraying fertilizers? Well, if not then you have three solid reasons in your hands to make your side of the curb greener. With the free time decreasing more than ever in the last few months of 2021, not all of us can keep up with natural lawns. 

Also, most of us neither have the skills, time or patience to maintain a lush green grass. Just keep one thing in mind, installation of the artificial turf needs someone skilled. So, if you can drop the plans of laying the fake grass by yourself, or you may end up spending more than you might be saving. You may even ruin the sheet and would have to buy the whole thing again. Let the professionals handle what they have trained for their whole life, shall we?

Needs Minimal Water

The best reason to switch to an artificial turf for your curb is that it needs next to no water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that Americans are wasting over 4 billion gallons of residential water every day to keep their lawns greener. 

It is a lot of water considering that the world is going through a huge clean water crisis. It is the third consecutive year that the Netherlands is facing a drought. People, at one point, didn’t even have water in their toilets.

You cannot go on sprinkling water out on your lawn knowing that there are children who are suffering due to thirst. I am an advocate of artificial grass because it needs water only when it is too dirty, maybe after a storm. At times not even after a storm.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority weighs in the favor of artificial grass turfs. The organization calculated that per every square foot, the artificial grass can save up to 55 gallons of water per year.

No Mud or Dirt

Even if you are not allergic to mud or dirt, I am pretty sure that you won’t like either of these two. Especially, if you have your nice shoes, or clothes on. Once you install the artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about the mud or dirt because it has mesh, interwoven netting underneath. The water drains right away and doesn’t accumulate on your lawn.

The groundwork laid by the installers is also very important, as an experienced installer will always smoothen and level the ground before laying the turn. Let’s suppose you are living in an area where it rains cats and dogs. Even on the worst rainy days, your lawn will be dry and mud-free.

No mud means cleaner kids, pets, eventually, a cleaner home. A win-win situation after all. The positives do not end just here, the artificial grass will also work as doormat. Isn’t it amazing? 

Low Maintenance

You are saving $20 per month on water, thousands by not buying expensive low mowers, and a lot of hours of actually mowing the lawn.

The overall cost of synthetic grass is way lower than the original one, because well, the artificial grass will beautify your lawn for a longer period of time. Not to mention that you will also save your kids from dangerous pesticides or fertilizing.

The maintenance cost also goes down during the winters, as you can just dust off the snow easily on the artificial turf. Also, even if the snow melts, there are always drains in the artificial grass.

Safer For Your Family!

The artificial grass is safer for your kids, family, and even pets. When you choose synthetic grass of premium quality, you are opting for grass which has antimicrobial protection infused deep into it.

What is antimicrobial you ask? It is something that prevents microbial and bacterial growth, it will not only keep your kids, family and pets healthy, but will also get rid of most of the bad odors.

You Can Finally Enjoy a Peaceful Vacation!

If you have ever had a natural grass lawn, you know that peaceful vacations are just a distant dream. Even if you managed to sneak out on a vacation, you knew a sad lawn with dead grass was waiting for you at your home.

With synthetic grass which is surely not going to die even after a two months long vacation, you’re going to have a peaceful time abroad. 

When You Change the House, You Take it With You!

This has to be one positive that is going to lure you in for the usage of synthetic grass; you can take it with you. When life asks you to move to the other part of the city, state or even country you can always take your lawn off with you.

You can get your grass installed at your new yard. Surely, you will have to pay the installation fee, but it is still better than having to do your whole lawn from the beginning. Forget about the money, the wait alone to have a lush green lawn will be a bummer for many. Here are some more exciting ideas to instantly improve your home curb appeal.

If you do not move that much, you can always shuffle your front and backyard lawn grass. A little mix up and you’ll have a new front and backyard.

Looks like a greener deal, isn’t it?

Ending Note

So, these are a few solid reasons to support the statement: Why does your house need artificial grass landscaping? Gardening is hard, it takes a lot of time, and it is very costly. We are not like the generations before that had a lot of time. With our ever-lasting jobs, we cannot really afford toiling on gardens. 

About The Author: This article is contributed by Steve. With over 20 years of landscaping experience and expertise, Steve and his top-notch team have completed thousands of artificial grass and green installations that come with the added bonus of saving money and water. 
Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash


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