Why You Should Make Your Home a Smart Home

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Why You Should Make Your Home a Smart Home

Living in a smart home means having the ability to control your home devices with your smartphone, elevate your safety to a whole new level and remain completely sustainable. These things sounded like science-fiction a couple of decades ago, but not anymore and tons of homes are considered smart today due to all their innovative features and abilities. Connecting your thermostat, A/C system, lighting, kitchen appliances and energy monitors into one coherent system means your life will become easier and more organized, and you’ll waste less time on boring and tiring tasks. Leaving all these things to a computerized system does a ton of good both to the property and the homeowners, so here are a couple of reasons why you too should turn your home into a smart one as soon as possible.

An assistant

Watching all those Hollywood movies and Netflix TV shows taught us a lesson – having an assistant is the best thing in the world! However, not all of us can afford to hire someone to run our errands, but what we can do is find a virtual assistant that’s going to make our lives much easier.

Choosing an assistant and learning what it does is actually the first step towards living in a smart home, and there are three options most people choose from – Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. All of these basically do the same thing and use your voice commands to run your home, and since all have their own pros and cons, you should be careful when picking the perfect one.

Smart thermostat

Controlling your heating and cooling system is easy, but it can become hard if you don’t know what you’re doing and how to regulate the temperature in your home. That’s why relying on an automated system makes more sense, especially because you can be sure your indoor temperature will always be perfectly set that way.

Smart thermostats help you control your heat and cooling, and since they’re connected to your smartphone, you can control them even when you’re not at home. This means you don’t have to spend a ton of money on heating your home during the winter while you’re at work, but simply turn the heating on when leaving the office and you’ll walk right into a warm home. Smart thermostats do wonders for your budget and the environment, so they’re definitely worth considering.

 Why You Should Make Your Home Smart

Solar panels

Being sustainable and energy-efficient is what smart homes are all about. You have to do something good for the environment if you want to make a change in the world, and turning your home into an eco-friendly one is the best start. One of the ways to do that is by installing solar panels on your roofs and utilizing the power that comes from the Sun to power your home all year long.

People living in smart homes don’t have a problem investing money into their property, but, when it comes to solar panels, most of them opt for medium-size panels, knowing that a typical 5 kilowatt solar system generates the best annual return. Covering your entire roof with panels is another good idea, but these medium panels are more efficient in the long run, so stick with them and enjoy their magic.

Kitchen appliances

Whether you’re a fan of cooking or not, incorporating a couple of smart appliances into your kitchen is the best way to take your culinary skills to a new level and stop wasting time behind the stove. Getting all your appliances connected and giving your smartphone access to them is one of the most amazing perks of the modern era and something that will help you get more organized than ever.

From measuring the temperature of your meat and helping you explore the benefits of sous vide to preparing your coffee at the same time every single morning and keeping your food at the perfect temperature, these appliances are worth every penny. After all, they’re going to make your cooking tastier, and your family is going to be so happy about it!

Home security

Feeling safe and protected is something we all need, and introducing smart technology into your home is the way to ensure you’re 100% protected against fire, burglary and other threats. There are lots of gadgets you can look into, from security cameras and motion sensors to smoke detectors and smart locks, so investigate these and find a way to incorporate them into your home today.

All these home security gadgets are developing at an enormous speed and you really need to try hard if you wish to follow the trends. But, you can always consult home safety experts and ask for their opinion – after all, there’s no better way to stay safe than by combining technology and human knowledge.

Relying on technology to run your life might seem risky at first, but you have to keep in mind that these smart gadgets are more advanced than most people think and are guaranteed to make your life easier. So, try them out, see which ones suit you the most and enjoy your new life!


BIO: Lucas Bergman is a real estate agent and renewable energy consultant with many hobbies and passions, but above all, he enjoys the most spending time with his wife – Mara. He also likes Lord of the Rings. He, actually, very much likes Lord of the Rings.


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