How Tech Changes the Home Improvement Sector

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New technologies are changing business around the globe. The use of technology is not only changing how companies do business, but innovations are also constantly made – we live amid an era filled with tech revolutions. Tech innovations in home improvement are making the sector grow, taking huge leaps. In effect, the industry is gaining ground over other industries.

The old way of conducting home improvement in the sector is disappearing faster than ever. It is being out phased by professional contractors and homeowners alike as they incorporate software and gadgets in home improvement work.

The changes are necessary, and to be revolutionary, companies must pay attention to details. For example, major companies are investing vast amounts of money on hiring new tech talents with UX/UI Design skills. It is because they want their customers to feel a unique experience to every product or service they provide. In other words, it is not about how many features a product has or if it is going to last forever. It is about providing life-changing experiences that customers will keep in their minds for the rest of their lives.

For this reason. Here are some ideas on how new technologies are influencing renovation and home improvement projects, as well as how today technologies are providing homeowners more personalized experiences in their living space.

A Breath of Fresh Air

People must be aware that global warming is a significant threat that is affecting our lives. For this reason, the home improvement sector now uses environment-friendly techniques and practices to create a more sustainable and greener way of living.  For example, companies like LG have developed solar panels that can be installed in homeowners’ roofs in order to generate enough electricity to supply their homes.

The main goal of implementing new technologies is to reduce homeowners’ influence on the earth. But there are still other goals like the mitigation of homeowners’ impact in the residential landscape and the use of greener materials when designing interiors.

Augmented Reality

Marketing strategies have changed with the development of new technologies. The use of digital marketing has become very popular among businesses. For this reason, companies now are using augmented reality to provide better experiences to customers. With the use of augmented reality, customers can preview any kind of product by simply pointing their phone’s camera to a location. Online purchases are quite handy for homeowners as they have a more considerable amount of options to buy and find the right product that matches the environment.

Also, there are mobile apps that customers can use not only for buying products but also for designing indoor spaces. iStaging is a company that enables users to create virtual tours using only their smartphones. Also, their web developers have created a unique design of their website, and customers are able to create 360° VR tours using their online virtual tour builder plugin. With the VR builder, users can create panoramas and floor plans and also add hotspots that enable users to create connections between rooms, providing a unique walk-through experience of the space.

Play It Smart

Technology is giving homeowners the opportunity to have more futuristic homes. Nowadays, smart devices are being used in almost every home. As a result, mobile developers are building applications for smart home appliances. In effect, they have the job of adding innovative features like remote connectivity, temperature control, lighting control, among others. This is because users now prefer to use their mobile phones to control their smart houses.

An excellent example of smart appliances is Samsung’s home appliances. Its smart fridges are able to plan meals, manage schedules, stream your favorite content, and multi-task. In effect, smart fridges can connect to the internet, and users can control fridges’ internal temperature, do groceries, set timers, and more with just using a mobile app. In the same way, Samsung not only develops smart devices for kitchens but also develops smart devices for other areas in your home like laundry rooms and living rooms.

Home Entertainment 

Tech advancements in home entertainment systems are leaving no feature behind to mark their impact on households. Homeowners don’t have to visit arcade or cinema halls anymore. Home entertainment systems now can provide as much fun as customers want to enjoy their time. So, customers will be able to not only save money spent on out-of-door tours but also will be able to take their visitors’ breath away.

Lighting Design

The use of light-emitting diode (LED) technology is gaining ground around the globe as more homeowners incorporate the tech in their indoor lighting designs today. LED lighting is outshining incandescent and fluorescent fittings. It is because LED light can be installed essentially anywhere. Also, the use of LED light will not only bring good lighting to your home but also an aesthetically pleasing new design that tailors the environment and fills your needs.

Generally speaking, there is no doubt that the evolution of technology will keep changing the home improvement industry. New technologies are being developed every day, and in order to keep improving our way of living, we must adapt. In effect, technology will still be essential in the home improvement sector as it is helping the earth to take a breath by reducing humans’ impact.

About The Author: Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech. Find him on Twitter or LinkedIn
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