When is the Best Time of Year to Remodel?

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Gina Bonura is a Kitchen and Bath Designer at Alure Home Improvements

When is the best time to remodel your home?  Many people feel that summertime is the best time to embark on a major renovation.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide what will work for you.


PRO: Although it’s hot outside in the summer months, the weather is usually cooperative when doing a kitchen remodel.  There’s no worry of a blizzard bringing the job to a screeching halt!  It’s also nice to be able to hang out in the yard if you are staying at home during the renovation.  Without a kitchen, grilling is a favorable option as well.  (But we all know you can do that all year round!)

CON: With installers and trades people constantly in and out, it is difficult to keep the house cool; however, a bonus pro is that it is worse to have to keep a house warm in the winter.


PRO: Nothing will disrupt a routine quicker than having some work done on the house!  During the school year there are lunches to be made, buses to catch, homework to be done and just a ton of scheduled activities.  Those days are chaotic enough, now throw in a fully gutted kitchen crawling with carpenters, plumbers and electricians, you may as well keep the Paddy Wagon on speed dial!  You may opt to have the work done when the kids are on break from school, just because there is no additional pressure and schedule constraints. Many teachers like to have work done in the summer because it doesn’t disturb their work schedule.

CON: The kids are on break from school!  Unless you have a well-equipped backyard or plan to send the little tykes to grandma’s, these poor kids will not be happy campers.  Be sure you have day trips planned if possible or play dates at friends’ houses.  Little ones are a safety concern at a job site.  Be sure you keep them away from the action, they will be curious!  (Pet’s too)   Note:  You should be able to feel comfortable enough with your contractor that you can leave the premises for the day, if needed.  After all, not everyone is able to take off from work for the duration of construction.  If you feel like you can’t even leave the house to get a container of milk, maybe you have hired the wrong contractor.


PRO: In some cases, more work can be accomplished in one day because of the longer daylight hours.  Most of the cutting is done outside and if it gets dark at 4:30pm, well, guess what, not much will be happening after 4pm except cleanup for the day.

CON: There is no con to longer daylight hours as far as I’m concerned!  I love the long days of summer.

Final Advice on Summer Remodeling

Be sure to plan for the selection process, ordering process and time frame of any permits necessary if you are looking forward to having a summer remodel.  It is not unusual to book a summer job as early as February or March.  That way you avoid having to scramble to get everything done before the start date.

What time of year would you remodel and why?  Let me know!

Happy remodeling

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