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Today’s modern homes are as varied and interesting as ever. Collectively, we spent 2020 at home, and many of us decided to undertake remodels. While those jobs may or may not be completed, the home is still our target for HGTV inspiration or Pinterest ideas. 

But our homes not only house our hearts, but our pets – like cats – too. And you know what’s boring and uninteresting? Cat accessories! Let’s talk about a few unique accessories for your cat to match your equally stylish house.

Cat Tree

Let’s start with a cat tree. You have a cat tree, don’t you? If not, you likely own an unhappy cat and/or destroyed furniture. Cat trees are essential pieces for cats, and fulfills many essential physical and mental needs. They act as one of the best scratching posts for cats, giving a place for Fluffy to sharpen their claws, shed the old bits, and get a nice long stretch. Cat trees are also places for her to sleep, hide away and call her own. 

Traditional cat trees are a lot of brown and beige, with drab thin carpet and pressed wood fiber. This may have looked good in the 1970’s with wallpaper and linoleum, but this is 2021. On the market now are cat trees rocking everything from German Bauhaus design to beachy, shabby chic models with real blonde wood.

Litter Box

The old, tired open pan plastic litter box is the next offender. The first point against it is the use of non-eco friendly, potentially toxic plastic. Plastics can contain toxic chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) or certain phthalates. These chemicals, and more like them, are used during manufacturing and can harm people and pets. And after a few years, after this plastic litter box has worn out, you throw it away and purchase a new one, renewing the cycle.

The solution is something you may not have heard of before: the stainless steel litter box.
Yes, your cat’s litter box can match your refrigerator! This material is actually appropriate, with eco-friendly and hygienic benefits plastic can’t match. Steel is more durable, so this can be the last litter box you ever buy. It also doesn’t stain like plastic, and overall is much easier to clean vs. plastic. Plus it looks really cool!


Upgrade your cat’s eating and drinking utensils. In other words, their food bowls and water fountain. Many cat owners use deep, plastic bowls made of melanin or other plastic. Besides the potential toxicity of the material, tiny cracks may develop in the bowl during use and washing. Bacteria builds up in the hairline gaps and can give your cat chin acne as they repeatedly touch it while eating.

Pick a wide and shallow, stainless steel bowl for your cat’s food. Now, it can match the fridge, oven, and range in your kitchen. Stainless steel is hygienic and won’t harbor smells or bacteria. A shallow depth helps your cat eat without their whiskers touching the sides of the bowl – for some cats, this sensation is extremely uncomfortable. It may even cause them not to eat.

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions. These design upgrades for your cat will improve their health and result in a happier cat, which ultimately leads to a better space!


Bio: Gary H. writes for, a site about big Maine Coon cats and other everyday cat-related issues owners face like well-being, diet, and enrichment.
Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

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