What To Consider When Adding An Outdoor Living Area

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If you already have a home that feels and looks like a resort, adding an outdoor living area would be a great idea. Regardless of size, your outdoor living area can become a source of solace and refuge, a place where you can relax and unwind.

However, turning your outdoor living area into the ideal getaway will entail more than just choosing the right patio shades or outdoor furniture. It will require thorough planning so you can cover all the bases.

Below are things you need to take into account when adding an outdoor living area:

Size and shape

The area you’ll need for your outdoor living space will depend on the activities and functions you intend to do. As a general rule of thumb, ensure sufficient space is available to enable people to move around comfortably from inside to outside without having to navigate around fixtures and furniture.

Privacy and weather protection

Outdoor living space is an external area that’s often exposed to the elements. Fortunately, there are various ways to design an outdoor living space to suit the changing weather conditions—from summer to winter.

Some of these measures include patio shades, sliding screens of aluminum or timber, roll down blinds, or fixed or adjustable louvers. Bi-folding louvers or glass screens can also be used to close off the outdoor living space during nasty weather.

Screens and blinds can also help regulate the privacy of the outdoor living space. Depending on your neighbors’ proximity, privacy has to be a top priority to avoid feeling on constant display or becoming a nuisance to the neighbors.


To make your outdoor living area a more inviting space, you can invest in modern roofing systems that will open in good weather and close when the weather elements are unfavorable.

Modern roofs can also help drain away stormwater like any regular roof. Not only that, it also adds flexibility to the outdoor living area as it can also be used to control the amount of daylight you want to let in.


When it comes to flooring, ceramic tiles can be a great option as they can provide a durable and easy to maintain finish that can resist warping or fading even when exposed to direct sunlight. Natural timber is also a great alternative as it provides warmth and adds to the visual appeal. It can also be very durable when looked after accordingly.

However, in most cases, the outdoor flooring of choice is based on the type used within the house. Many homeowners prefer the continuity of the same floor finish inside and out, as this reinforces the seamless indoor and outdoor relationship most people want to achieve.


The location of the access to the internal space and the position of the outdoor living space needs careful deliberation. If you intend to host outdoor entertainment and dining, proximity to the dining and kitchen is crucial. From the outdoor living space, access needs to be provided to other external areas, including the garden, garage, swimming pool, etc.

The circulation from the house through the outdoor living space should also be taken into account alongside the positioning of the dining tables, furniture, and other fixtures. Any changes in the level between the yard and the outdoor living area should also be considered, so access is safe and convenient.

Attention should also be given to fences and pool gates as they can often impede convenient access. The access door from the house to the living space is also often given much consideration. There are various options available, including stacking sliding doors, bi-folding doors, and French doors.

When choosing a door, you can narrow down your options by selecting one that provides ease of access without costing a fortune. You should also go for doors that allow unrestricted flow from the inside out as they can be crucial when socializing or entertaining friends, guests, or extended family.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular and have become a staple part of most contemporary homes. Given that you cover all the bases, you can easily transform your outdoor living area into a beautiful space where you can relax and unwind and entertain friends and loved ones.

About the Author: Anna Fox is the Content Marketing Strategist of Señor Mist, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that provides high pressure misting systems/fog effects, comfort heaters, patio drop shades, hvls fans and more. When not writing, she makes use of her spare time reading books and hiking with her dog, Blaze.
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