7 Pet Friendly Interior Decorating Ideas For Your Home

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Just like plants, pets bring vibrancy and life to living spaces. Like humans, the little furballs have their tastes in food, play items, and décor. Yes, it is challenging to expect house pets to remain silent and calm, but the right color and fabric can make them happy with your living space and create noise-free companionship.

Our four-legged friends need space for their toys, bowls, bedding, and chewable items. Finding a pet-friendly design and color pattern that works with your space is challenging but doable. Here are seven interior décor ideas to keep your pets in a friendly spirit.            

1.  Invest In The Right Dog Bed.

The last thing dogs want is to sleep peacefully. Getting them to curl up with you at night sounds easy, but for that, you need Large Dog Beds. You may like to experiment with the dog bed size and cushion accessories, but they may not fit in your living room.

Look up indoor and outdoor dog beds to give your pet the space benefit. Check models specifically designed for your car. Chances are your pets may need more than a single bed, so identify the reason and shop.

2.  Think Leather Upholstery. 

For those who love to dress up their home with period furniture, naturally tanned leather is a decent pet-friendly option for your living area and bedroom. A leather sofa will undergo wear and tear, with pets running from one room to another. But if you have a high-quality leather sofa, it will age marvelously and develop a particular gloss or sheen. Leather upholstery is easy to vacuum, so your dog’s hair shedding will not be a sore point.

3.  Consider Durable Flooring.

Most US households have pets. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) conducted the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey shows that about 85 million families own a pet. While pets are most popular in America, their nails and claws can easily scuff wood floors. Replace hardwoods with durable floors. It will help your pets to meander around easily without making you stressed. You could consider rigid core planks as they are stain-repellent and withstand scratching. Moreover, they also resemble real hardwood, adding to the aesthetic value.

4.  Trim Down Chewable Furniture.

Dogs love to chew on anything to kill time. But that can put your expensive mahogany at risk. Young pups and older pets take their time to adjust to the new setting. To minimize their chewing habit, opt for furniture with metal framing and legs instead of beds and sofas with wooden legs. Also, wooden furniture’s legs look a lot like robust, sturdy sticks. So, it may attract pets for chewing.

5.  Pick Dark Color In Décor To Mask Pet Stains.  

Not all pet owners have a taste for leather. Your white or bronzed sofa with no washable cushions can be your worst nightmare with your playful pets. Muddy paw prints are difficult to wipe. When beautifying your interior floors and walls, consider dark-colored fabrics and rugs to mask dirt and spillages. For your pet’s couch demand, choose easy-to-clean and machine-washable performance fabrics.

Grays also help to keep your room feeling light and mask stains. Go in for a multi-color patterned rug to hide your pets’ color splatter mischief. Such a technique will also add life to your dull living space. If your pet hair is more disturbing to you, match your rug or settee color to your dog’s or cat’s fur color to make it less visible.           

6.  Allow In More Light.

Pets are outdoor-friendly and more receptive to light. In-room darkness can dull their energetic nature. Since they love to look out of the windows, redo your interiors by taking off the Venetian blind and thick curtains. Pick lighter and sheer fabrics to match your pets’ comfort zone. If your house animals are well-mannered, leave your room windows open for their enjoyment and relaxation. Natural light fades away negative energies, so get that in to make your pets feel happier. LED lighting will also disperse more brightness in your living space. 

7.  Reserve Separate Space For Pet Needs.

Stashing away your pet essentials is as burdensome as managing your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Assign a separate space in your home for your pet necessities. You may also fix your kitchen corner or entryway for outdoor-loving pets. Go in for low cabinets to stock pet food, toys, wipes, and grooming materials. It will make your pet’s bowl-reaching access easier and comfortable and will make their cleaning and maintenance stress-free. A food and water drawer for your pets is an excellent idea to serve them a solid and liquid diet. 

Final Thoughts

A beautiful window, a fabulous shade, a dark-colored wall; there is nothing that can make your pets happier than the privilege of unrestricted views and color canvas. Put extra thought on pet-friendly materials and colors in interiors to make your pet experience amiable and mess-free.

About The Author: Rebecca Grey is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the travelling industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, she loves traveling and reading.
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