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Does your home lack privacy? Do you have a feeling that your backyard and indoors need to be more secluded from the peeping eyes of neighbors’ and passers-by? If so, then your home needs some improvement that will allow you to have all the privacy you need. From installing shutters on windows to placing plants around your property and building trellis in the backyard, we have a full spectrum of tips that will help you increase privacy in your home.

Put shutters on your bathroom windows

The last thing you need is a curious neighbor checking you out while you’re showering, or doing your bedtime routine in the bathroom. So, to make sure you and the rest of the family are safe from prying eyes, invest in shutters and place them on your bathroom windows. Aside from offering added privacy, with shutters on windows, you can also prevent the sunlight from invading the room early in the morning and causing vision problems before you’re properly awake.

Install a property fence

When you’re looking for one of the easiest ways to increase privacy for your home, we suggest you consider building a fence. They will be perfect for smaller yards because fences have a small enough footprint and they won’t take up too much space. From chain-link to wooden, vinyl and concrete, there’s a full spectrum of materials you can use to build a fence.

Place plants strategically

If you like plants and you’d like to make the most of them, why not place them on the window sills and anywhere where you think they can create more privacy? Tall enough plants will act as a seamless barrier that will prevent others from looking into your home while also offering an aesthetic appeal. Introducing greenery will be a win-win combination for your interior and privacy. Additionally, planting trees in the front yard can also help you establish some natural privacy without totally blocking your property. Privacy hedges and fences are great for creating just enough visual deterrence. Layering small trees and shrubs with smaller plants along the property line is just what you need to make your backyard look stunning while also adding more privacy to your outdoor area.

Tint your windows

Window improvement is another great option when it comes to increasing privacy in your home. Have you thought about replacing the old windows with new and improved versions that can be placed on different walls? If that’s too complicated a project for you, then tinting your existing windows can be a perfect alternative. Not only will tinted windows offer more privacy, but they will also prevent the warm sun rays from heating your home too much during summer. Aside from tinting the windows, you can also choose to stencil a frosted pattern on your windows and add a whimsical pattern to it.

Make a privacy screen for your porch

Do you have a stunning porch, and you intend to have coffee there in the morning? We suppose you don’t want neighbors and passers-by intruding as you indulge in a fine morning. When you need more privacy outdoors, a privacy screen will let you start your day in peace. Browse online for premade ones or build one on your own. Whether you decide to build a wall filled with plants and flowers or you want to create a macramé curtain, either way, you’ll provide your home with a creative privacy solution. On top of that, you can go for colored glass panels around the porch. They will give you enough light but stop the nosy person from lurking.

Add more privacy with motorized blinds in your bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary from the outer world. It’s a place where you need to rest and recharge for the following day. That’s why there should be no interference from the outside, and you shouldn’t worry whether your privacy will be invaded. With modern motorized blinds, you can add a higher level of privacy in your bedroom while also creating a perfectly dark and peaceful environment for ultimate rest. Not only will you have the convenience of opening and closing them with the use of remote control, but motorized blinds allow you to program open and close times and automatically set the drop.

Have a Lattice Fence

When you need a place of solitude to retreat and relax, without having to worry about the gaze of others, a lattice fence can be a saving grace. It will allow you to quickly block your neighbors out and enhance privacy around your house. That is especially convenient for people living in a highly-populated neighborhood. A lattice fence will allow you to easily create your dream space with the privacy fence. You can even hang a few of your favorite colorful plants or flowers to add charm and character to your outdoor area. Feel free to plant roses or any other climbing vine of your choice.

The hedge around the house

Are you not very fond of your neighbors? Are they one of those people who prefer to look into other people’s yard rather than minding their own business? If you are, then installing a hedge wall around your house can discretely send the right message. A hedge will offer the needed privacy, and help you respect each other’s space. You can choose from a wide variety of hedges. The European beech is among the best privacy-improving hedges, and can be a lovely choice, allowing you to enjoy your peaceful private space. You can also try the arborvitae as it works well for privacy hedges.

Install a trellis

Is your space not large enough to place hedges and privacy fences? Don’t worry about a thing because we have a solution even for limited options or space. You can install a trellis that won’t take up all the free space. Regardless of being smaller than hedges, a cute trellis will still provide the ever-needed privacy. It will add an element of natural beauty to any outdoor space, as well. Add some ivy or other climbing plants to grow along with the structure, and your trellis will look beyond charming. With a trellis, you will increase privacy and prevent your neighbors from spying on you. Place them in one place to create isolation for a porch or patio or position them along your property line. That way, you’ll limit visibility for the whole yard.

Build a pergola or gazebo

When you decide to provide your backyard with extra shade but a creative privacy solution too, pergolas and gazebos will be the choices to go with. Increase the value of your property, add more sophistication to your patio or deck and offer more privacy to everyone spending time in the backyard without building along the entire property line. If you’re building on a budget, consider investing in a wooden pergola with a slatted roof. That would be a cost-effective and aesthetic addition to your yard. Use the previously mentioned lattice panels, ivy, or hanging plants to enclose the pergola or gazebo. For those who’re not DIY savvy, purchasing an easy-to-assemble gazebo can be a suitable alternative.

Get a fountain

Have you considered adding more water to your backyard? Aside from offering a visual barrier and an aesthetically appealing effect, having a fountain in your yard will also cut back noise pollution. That will offer a greater sense of solitude when you’re unwinding in the backyard, with a drink or when you gather your friends for grilling up some dinner. Fountains create ambient, calming sounds to counteract the hustle and bustle of the streets. Look for budget-friendly options such as recirculating birdbaths.

Install security cameras

Finally, when all the others privacy solutions don’t seem enough, you can reach out to technology and surveillance. Installing security cameras on your property will offer peace of mind because you’ll lift the levels of security to the highest ranges. They may not directly enhance your privacy, but they will keep people away and prevent unwanted visitors. As soon as anyone sees a camera rotating, they won’t be bothered to stay next to your hedge or entrance, and check out what’s going on in your home. On top of that, with a state-of-the-art camera, you can record footage, and review what’s happened in the past. You can either install it on your own or have a professional bring their own equipment and set up their systems. Luckily, many cameras today are wireless and can record video to the cloud. Alternatively, you can get a notification when there’s suspicious activity. Place a few cameras on your property to ensure peace of mind to an entire family.

Final thoughts

Increasing privacy in your home is vital if you don’t want to stress out over strangers spying on you. With so many creative solutions, you won’t have any trouble finding the one that’s right for you. If your home is spacious, feel free to use more than just one suggestion from our extensive list. Everything from tinted windows, motorized blinds, stencils on windows to hedges, trellis, lattice fences to pergolas, gazebos, fountains and security cameras, your privacy will be at the highest level.


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