Sealing the Leaky Ducts – Common Ducted Heating Repair

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The leaky ducts are nothing to scoff at. They can be particularly responsible for the leaking up of the 30% of the conditioned air. That might not seem like much until your system starts to have trouble in pumping out the air that you require and you are left feeling uncomfortable & paying a higher bill than usual.

Luckily, trained professionals can seal the leaky ducts and bring in a huge improvement in both the temperature of your home and the quality of the air which is obtained from the ducted heating system. This is a very often adopted ducted heating repair. Imagine the condition when the ducted heating system in your home or office is producing heated air to protect you from the severe chill in the winter months but that air is leaked out of the leaky ducts. So, the machine would certainly fail to perform optimally. The machine will try to work very hard for a few days and then eventually break down completely. So, duct sealing is a very important ducted heating repair which will save on your energy bills and also save the system from eventually breaking down.

How Do the Ducts End up Leaking?

Air ducts of a heating system will leak over the course of time due to continuous usage and the normal course of wear and tear. There are several contributing factors which make the air ducts lose their seal in the long run. For instance, several air ducts are made out of the sheet metal and this metal usually expands during the winter months when it is very cold and then retracts when it is warmer in the summer months. This eventually equates to a considerable amount of pressure built-up on the ducts that can lead to breaking the seal. This is the very same reason when we require to replace the tires attached to our cars every few years. Over the course of time, the seal of the material will weaken to a large extent and leakages would occur.

What Is the Sealing of the Ducts?

Air ducts are susceptible to cracks, leakages and holes which require to be filled-in to seal them. Sometimes this involves a professional who uses material sprays which actually come out as a liquid but eventually hardens into a solid form which creates an intact airtight seal to seal the gap/hole/leakage. There are several instances which involve making some targeted repairs to all your air ducts so that they can be able to stop the leaking in certain areas. This all depends on the overall condition of the air ducts and what you require to be done.  Therefore, we can say, duct sealing is a procedure which includes the right set of equipment, proper professional training and technical expertise. Let us explain this.  

Why Sign up for Duct Sealing Services?

This is indeed one of the most frequently asked questions by several homeowners. You need to make sure that you opt for duct sealing services and this is valuable from two perspectives – financing and comfort. When we are talking about comfort, your air ducted heating system will do a better job when maintained in an optimum condition. A leaky ducted heating system will stress out and thus consume more energy and in the due course of time can break down.

So, if your heating system has leaky ducts, then it is very crucial to opt for ducted heating repairs from a trained and experienced technician in order to control the damage and to get back your heating system to work optimally.

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