Moving In Checklist: 10 Things You Need to Prepare

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The process of moving in is a stressful ordeal. It usually requires too much time, budget, and effort. But, there are things that you can do for a more seamless transition.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically ahead of time. Start by creating a checklist of the things you need to prepare for the big day.

1) Cancel your subscriptions and any recurring payments.

Before moving out, you need to cancel your subscriptions. Cancel your gym, cable, internet, phone, and other services. Do it by the end of the month or at least two weeks before the big day.

2) Prepare your packing supplies.

Buy moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and tape guns. Include tape dispensers, and other supplies too. 

If you are on a tight budget, you can find free boxes. Visit grocery stores or other stores where you usually buy your stuff. Also, check if your city has a recycling center near you. The recyclable boxes are free to use if they are in good condition.

3) Decide whether to use a mover or not.

Relocating is a daunting task, and there are some things that you can’t pack and haul on your own. That is the time you should think of hiring a moving company. 

It’s cheaper to hire a moving company rather than hiring people to help you. Also, suppose your place is on the 13th floor. In that case, it will be ideal to hire movers. They are experts in moving heavy stuff without damaging your valuables. 

Consider the local cost of hiring movers. Ask for estimates from different companies in your area. If you are unsure, call the movers and ask how much it will cost to move your stuff to your new address.

4) Get settled into your new place.

Make sure that your new place is presentable before you arrive. Start by cleaning the area to remove the old inhabitant’s odors. Next, clean all surfaces in your new home well.

5) Arrange your furniture.

Are you planning to rearrange your furniture? Where do you want your furniture placed? How would you like your furniture arranged? This is a good way to start planning. 

Make lists of the furniture you already have, and plan its arrangement in your new place. Disassemble items such as couches, bed frames, and bookshelves to save time. 

6) Ensure that all utilities are in place.

This includes water, power, gas, and cable. To prevent service interruption, make sure that you have it all arranged beforehand. Don’t forget to call for an internet service provider, too. 

If possible, discuss with the previous inhabitant to transfer your services. More than that, secure your family by getting cheap renter’s insurance. This protects your family from any mishaps that could happen such as theft. 

Additionally, check the plumbing, appliances, and electrical fixtures.

7) Change the locks.

Of all the things that you need to prepare, the most basic is the change of locks. Is this something that you can do yourself? If not, better hire a locksmith to do it for you. 

Your previous inhabitant may still have the key. At this point, you don’t know who they are and what they’re capable of doing. 

8) Take inventory of your items.

Before handing them over to the mover, take a list of your items and ensure they’re all accounted for. Write down your furniture, valuables, appliances, and any other items that you have. 

This is to secure a record of everything you handed over to the movers. Again, it’s better to start this early. You don’t want to find out that you’re missing something after you’ve already moved in.

9) Change your address.

Time to update your address. When sending important mail, keep in mind that you will be receiving them at your new address. So better let the post office, banks, and credit card companies know of your new address. 

10) Stock on cleaning supplies.

Make sure that you have plenty of cleaning supplies to maintain a clean house. You’ll need extra toilet paper, paper towels, soap, or detergent for laundry. On top of that, ensure that you have cleaning and maintenance supplies for your new house.

Other things you need to do:

*Pay attention to items that need special care, such as your piano or vinyl collection. 

*Some items may need extra security. Tie them around with rope, tape, etc. Do this at least a day before moving.

*Do a safety check. If you have an electrical appliance, ensure that it is all connected and screwed in before moving in. Also, make sure that the circuit breaker is off, and the fuse is good enough for your appliance to work safely.

*Remove the light bulbs from your light fixture to prevent damage.

Is everything in order? If not, don’t wait until the last minute to sort out any issues. Check your list and make sure that you tackle each item. The more time you spend organizing, the less time it will take to move in. Plan and organize smaller details like furniture placement.

After all these preparations, you can finally begin your move-in day. While many things are going on, try not to forget to breathe. A big part of moving in is stressful and demanding.  But the anticipation of a new chapter ahead in your life is even more tedious. 

This checklist aims to help you have a smooth relocation. Nothing is more rewarding than to see your new home as your own.

About The Author: Ivan Serrano is an enthusiastic writer who enjoys learning whatever he can about business development and growth hacking. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge of technology and how it can improve business communications on an international level.
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