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Whether for financial, health or social reasons, many people are choosing to have their parents or other adults move in with them. Homes with multiple generations living under the same roof are becoming increasingly popular, and can be a fun and mutually beneficial living arrangement.

However, when you decide for your parents to move in, there are a number of safety concerns you should consider. Whether your parents are disabled, suffering from an illness or simply getting older, falls, slips and trips can become serious problems. Here are a few changes that you can make to your home to cut down on the risk of these common dangers and help your parents or relatives feel more comfortable in your home.

Talk to your designer about adding ramps and railings.
Talk to your designer about adding ramps and railings.

“Your home designer can help you replace stairs and lips with ramps.”

Eliminate steps and lips
Trips and falls aren’t just a risk in the bathroom. When entering a room, a single step or a high lip can present additional danger. This is especially a concern with someone in a wheelchair or with a walker. Your home designer can help you replace stairs and lips with ramps, especially in high-traffic areas or outside your parent’s bedroom. The exterior can also be elegantly transformed to accommodate your growing needs. There are many different design possibilities, giving you the accessibility you need while keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Think about railings, doorknobs and other safety tools 
Depending on your parent and your home, there are a variety of specialty features you may want to install in your house. Many people add railings to hallways or levers instead of doorknobs to make everything a little easier. Changing locks to allow for easier access, including emergency assistance features in your parent’s room or grab bars in the bathroom are also smart and popular moves.

Before you have loved ones move in, work with them and a designer to create a space that’s safe, stylish and comfortable for everyone.

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