Ideas To Make Your Patio Even More Inviting

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Few things are more relaxing than spending as much time as you want on your outdoor patio.

Your home may have a living room, but if you have a patio, it’s highly likely that you do your reading, take your afternoon naps, and even entertain your guests there.

For all intents and purposes, your outdoor patio is already your primary living space, and you can make it even more inviting. Here are some ideas that would make you want to spend your time on the patio every chance you get.

Don’t Forget Patio Heating

The colder months are going to make your patio a no-go place, unless, of course, you install patio heating systems.

Patio heating systems could be powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity. They also come in different styles, which present you an opportunity to jazz up your patio design.

Whatever option you go for, make sure that it’s one that best fits your patio’s size and make as well as your budget.

Install A Misting System

The summer is an incredibly appropriate time to laze around the patio, but it can get really warm out there. Installing a patio misting system should solve that problem.

A patio misting system works by forcing water out of nozzles at high pressure, producing a fine mist that would keep everyone cool no matter how hot the weather gets.

Effective and cost-efficient, a misting system also helps keep the bugs away, a common issue that homeowners with outdoor patios face.

Add A Splash Of Color

Sometimes, a patio can use a little more color. Adding potted flowering plants can help with that, specifically ones with blooms in vibrant shades.

Other things you can do to make the patio more colorful include:

  • Incorporating decorative tiles
  • Bringing in patio furniture in various colors
  • Adding a vibrantly-colored outdoor rug
  • Painting a wall in your favorite color
  • Putting up outdoor curtains

Install Water Features

Does the sound of flowing or cascading water relax you?

If so, then your patio would become an even more attractive place for you if you install a water feature or two.

Whether it’s a mini-pond, a small waterfall, or a column fountain, you can be sure that the atmosphere around your patio area will be Zen-like, which will provide you an awesome way to shed off all that stress from your daily grind.

Put Up Ample Lighting

Your patio must be well-lit, especially if you spend more time there in the evenings.

If there are trees around your patio, wrap them with string lights.

For a more dreamlike effect, globe lights hidden in a bush, hedge, or tree should do the trick.

Lanterns also make for excellent patio lighting. You can go for lanterns with LED lights, which you can get in a variety of styles. Their portability will also allow you to put them in certain spots around the patio area to set the mood you want.

You can also go old school if you want with a fire pit, which can also provide warmth when the night is cold.

Add Shade

We all need sunlight, but we don’t want to soak up too much UV rays for a variety of reasons.

Since a patio gets a lot of sunlight, you might want to add things that can keep the sun away. Your options include:

  • Patio drop shades
  • Patio curtains
  • Building a pergola
  • Pop-up canopies
  • Patio umbrellas
  • Planting trees

Put A Premium On Privacy

Your patio may be the most comfortable area in your home on so many levels.

However, if neighbors and passersby can easily see you from their properties and the road as you spend time on your patio, things are bound to get uncomfortable real fast.

If you want to have a truly relaxing time on the patio, you will need to invest in your privacy to keep prying eyes away.

For a more natural way of blocking other people’s view into your patio, you should plant trees around your property. Tall hedges also make for a great patio privacy screen.

You can also choose to build a tall fence around your property to keep people outside from taking a good look at you as you relax on your patio.


A patio, by itself, is already an inviting place. Follow the tips listed above, and you’ll be spending more time than ever outdoors.

About The Author: Anna Fox is the Content Marketing Strategist of Señor Mist, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that provides high pressure misting systems/fog effects, comfort heaters, patio drop shades, hvls fans and more. When not writing, she makes use of her spare time reading books and hiking with her dog, Blaze.
Photo by Garth Manthe on Unsplash

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