How to Install a New Shower Head in 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Doug Cornwell is back for another DIY 60 Second Fix. Doug shows us how to install a new shower head.

Supplies you’ll need:
– New Shower Head
– Adjustable Wrench
– Teflon Tape

1. Remove old shower head with an adjustable wrench.
– Hint: Make sure the wrench is tight around the shower head and HOLD and shower pipe that is coming out of the wall.

2. Turn the shower head with the wrench.
– Hint: Once it frees up, you can finish removing it with your hand.

3. Put the Teflon tape around the tread of the shower pipe.
– Hint: Wrap it around a couple of times to fill the void between the treads on the shower pipe and the treads on the new shower head.

4. Remove any stickers and put washer into shower head.
– Hint: Most new shower heads have a sticker that says hand tighten only.

5. Hand tighten new shower head onto shower pipe.
– Hint: Make sure it’s securely tightened before turning the water on to test.

Now you have a brand new shower head!

Have a topic in mind that you would like to see Doug cover?  Please leave a comment and we will do it in our next round of videos.  Thanks for watching Doug’s 60 second fix!

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