How to Take the Stress Out of Home Cleaning

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Nothing beats the feel of a freshly cleaned home… but some of us cannot be bothered with the stress that typically goes along with executing a big clean. The good news is that there are ways to clean your home that are quick and simple and don’t need you to dedicate a full day of work and brainpower to the task at hand. If you are known to push back your cleaning day before begrudgingly getting out the broom, then this is the article for you. Read on to get some home cleaning tips you can try today.

Let The Appliances Do The Work

There seems to be an idea that the more elbow grease you put into your clean, the better the results. Ultimately, it comes down to the quality of your appliances and tools. For example, wet & dry vacuum cleaners are able to do the heavy lifting for you and cut the time spent cleaning. If you fail to invest in the right cleaning tools, then accept that you must invest a lot more time and effort to make up for the shortfall. The same can be said for the cleaning products and solutions you choose, as they are not all made equal and only some will cut through the grime.

Create A Cleaning Schedule

Feeling stress and guilt about your cleaning efforts might actually be a product of poor organization. By choosing a day of the week to complete your cleaning tasks, you allow yourself to feel relaxed on those free days where you have not scheduled cleaning work. Creating a cleaning schedule seems like too easy of a solution, but it can radically change the way a household takes on their responsibility and provides a clear plan for members of the house who aren’t naturally intuitive about what needs to be done and when. If you are sharing this schedule with others, allow them to have input in what needs to be included as they might have spotted other areas that are not being cleaned adequately.

Consider Automated Options

Yes, you read that correctly – some cleaning tasks can be automated! Robot vacuum cleaners and air purifiers are great examples of what can be explored in your home, and you can even program them to do the works while you are at work or out of the house. There are also toilet products you can attach inside the toilet bowl that release cleaning solutions when you flush, keeping your toilet at a clean base level for longer. If this interests you, spend some time in the cleaning aisle at your grocery store and see what appliances and solutions are offered by reputable names in home cleaning. You might just be one cleaning hack away from the perfect balance.

Celebrate The Wins

Stress of any kind can make life difficult, but you can try to counteract this feeling by celebrating a clean house when you get through your chores. Maybe you order take out that night or rent a movie to watch – anything that adds a positive to cleaning your home and works to reduce the feeling of stress is something worth testing out. You can see this rationale in practice in how we don’t mind working on Friday’s because we know it’s the last day of the week – despite the day of the week being no different to Monday-Thursday. Shift your mindset and start brainstorming some fun ways to celebrate after you finish cleaning your home.


Until there is a solution that takes cleaning off the agenda entirely – we are stuck with the same jobs every week. Although that doesn’t mean we have to do it in the same way. Get your other housemates or family members on board with your mission of reducing cleaning stress and see what changes you can implement as a team.

About The Author: Claire Wilson. Voted Most Likely to Nap, Claire’s interests lie with pottery and literature with her ultimate passion being low-budget “True Crime” shows. With a background in fashion and advertising, Claire hopes to one day reach her limit in black tee shirts and jeans.
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