Home Renovations That Can Cost A Lot And Not Add Value

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Home improvement projects and renovations before listing your property can greatly add value. However, you can easily go overboard if you are not careful. Not all home renovations are worth the time and resources. Knowing the kind of renovations to avoid will save you money and also ensure you get the home listed fast. Some of the home renovations that can cost a lot and not add value include:

Outdated décor

As much as you may want your personality reflected in every room you need to remember that not every buyer will resonate with that. Quirky light fixtures and really dark painted walls might be appealing to you but they may also be the reason why some buyers back out of the deal. If you have to decorate pick neutral décor that can appeal to anyone no matter their taste.

Too much wallpaper

You can bring a room to life and make it vibrant using just a wallpaper. However, it has the potential to scare away buyers. Unless it is a plain wallpaper or one that has minimal patterns, you need to refrain from such a renovation. Moving is too much work already and having to peel off the walls is an added hassle no one wants. There are so many ways to have the walls looking great without having to go overboard with the patterns and colors.

Quirky tiles

There are many types of tiles now, not to forget the patterns. They may look fantastic to you but it might not be the general feeling with the potential buyers. If tile replacement is essential, remember to keep things simple. Neutral colors and average-sized tiles should be the default. Also, think about the main activities that take place in the room before picking the tiles. You don’t want bathroom tiles installed in the living room. On the same note, don’t go overboard with creativity because even if it is an exciting project for you it might not be the case for the buyer.

Adding a sunroom

A sunroom isn’t always necessary. As long as the rooms in the house are designed in such a way that they receive enough light and they are bright no one has to move to another room to enjoy the sun.  Removing heavy curtains and drapes as well as lightening the colors of the walls will instantly make it bright.

Over-Stylized décor

It is okay to have a dull home even if the rest of the properties listed appear to be flashy and over-stylized. Warm muted tones for the furniture and even wall paint can actually be a big plus when it comes to selling your property. Overzealous wallpaper designs, eccentric décor or even bold paint colors are not always the answer. Remember that the home improvement projects and renovations should reflect the needs of the buyer and not your own. Potential buyers love getting décor they can work with to bring forth their own personalities in the room.

Solar panels

Solar panels shouldn’t be installed just for the sake of selling the home. If you are only having them added to increase the probability of getting a buyer fast then you shouldn’t. It would be better to install solar panels even before you move out of the house so that you can save on the electricity bill. That would help you recoup your investment.

Swimming pools

In case you are in a warm and sunny climate a swimming pool will be a great addition to your property. On the same note, it will drive up the value of the property. Nonetheless, it isn’t the best addition if you are living in a cold region where you only get to use the pool a few months in a year. It will be a big safety hazard for families with young kids not to mention how expensive it will be maintaining a pool you are not even using much of the time.

Complex landscaping

What you may think is an immaculate garden might not be so appealing to the next person. Therefore, leave out the extensive landscaping for when you buy another house. You should just have a well-maintained yard. It will be enough to attract potential buyers. They can then get the kind of landscaping they prefer once they have bought the house. However, keep the lawn mowed, rake the leaves and don’t forget to prune the trees before listing the property.

Final Words

Many people love to do renovations themselves. It’s something that they can take pride in and at the same time can increase the value of their home. Above we have discussed numerous renovations that could set you back quite a bit financially yet will not add the value to your home. Make sure to research what renovations give the greatest return on investment before starting a project. Researching and planning will be your best friend and at the end of the day help your money to go as far as possible.        

About The Author: Danny Margagliano is a realtor with 30A Local Properties in Northwest Florida.  He is the leader of Team Margliano which focus on helping people buy Destin beachfront condos. He and his team have over 20 years of real estate experience. If you think you may be in the market for an investment property, vacation rental or a second home anywhere from Destin to Santa Rosa beach Florida, team Margliano can help you make your dreams come true.
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