7 Most Important Home Improvements to Make Before Moving In

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Meticulous home improvements add additional value to your property. By upgrading features and by fixing or repairing things, it improves your home and makes it more functional and appealing. An appropriately maintained property also attains appreciation in real estate value.  

Here are 7 important Home Improvement tips you should consider before you move in into your new home!

Home Flooring

Re-flooring the home before moving in is typically the first thing you would want to do because the floor usually takes a lot of wear and tear overtime and sometimes releases persistent pet odors which can be very unpleasant. Another good reason can be the number of choices in flooring which has increased significantly as compared to the days back when only choosing between carpet and hardwood floorboards was the thing. Now you have varieties for example. Resin, Vinyl, Reclaimed Wood, Ceramic Tiles etc to choose. These durable and attractive materials will put on the impressive factor and comfort to your living space. 

Replace Your Locks

The previous home owner can seem trustworthy, but he may have shared the copy of keys with relatives about which he forgot about. In such case, there can be other people who may have access to your home with criminal intentions. Thus, replacing all exterior locks is a wise decision which will decrease the chances of home break-ins and also spare you peace of mind. Another good reason to install fresh locks can be to avoid lockout situations. Old locks may have experienced heavy usage which let them to wear and tear. This can lead you to severe difficulty to lock or unlock in emergency situations.

Repair Water Leakages

Water leakages can be an intimidating problem. A slight drip can lead to results that can cost you oceans. A leaking plumbing system can also moisten up your walls and damage them completely. If you notice any wet spots on your wall, call the plumbing service immediately. Water leakages can also run under your flooring and will lead to discolored floorboards, rotting surfaces and wet carpet. To avoid such terrible situations, check every single tap available in your home before you move in. None of them should be dripping after you turn them off. You also shouldn’t have to over tighten handles to stop the dripping. Also check and tighten up the waste trap if needed.

Painting Walls

A smartly painted house serves its own importance. It not only just beautifies your house and adds personality to it but also acts as a defensive mechanism against bad weather. But most importantly your wall color sets your mood for everyday life and also colors up your world.

The trick here is to paint your house when it’s empty. It will save you some bucks if you paint your interiors before moving in the furniture by cutting the down on the labor costs. You can even simplify the task further before installing the new flooring.  Moreover, temperature and humidity also effect the paint thus don’t compromise with the quality of paint and decorate your house by planning your colors and shades accordingly.    

Install Closet Shelf Before Unpacking

Unorganized stuff can squeeze up a lot of space. What if you would want to bring in a new sofa? Unpacking can also be really challenging if you have no place to organize your stuff. Fresh installation or use of available closets will help you plan to organize everything accordingly. It also saves space and time and makes it handy to quick access all the needed items. Everything should be within reach.

Most Important Home Improvements to Make Before Moving In

Install A Fence

Fences can add style to your home and serve as a decorative purpose along with protecting your children and pets. You obviously don’t want your children or pets to run into a busy street occupied with abundant traffic. With so many choices and styles available on the market, you can easily put up an attractive fence that precisely matches up with your home and serves as security. The many options available can be wood, metal, vinyl etc. Higher fences are difficult to climb and makes it safer from capable intruders.

Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

Smoke detectors play an important role in safety of a home. They warn you about the presence of smoke and can inevitably save your life in case of fire. It is advised that smoke detectors should be vacuumed every six months and tested every month to check if the battery is dead. To check whether all the smoke detectors are working properly before you move in, hold down the test button on your detector until you hear a loud beep. In case you do not hear a beeping sound, immediately replace the batteries.

After following up with all the important home improvement tips, we have also covered a few quick moving tips to bind-up the entire process.

Packing up and moving to a new address doesn’t have to be disastrous. Relocating households definitely consumes effort and is stressful. Fortunately, these moving and packing tips will surely make the entire process easier on the nerves.

  1. Use Accurate Sized Corrugated Boxes
  2. Stock Up Moving Equipment
  3. Keep Everyday Essentials Handy
  4. Pack Moving Boxes in Organized Manner
  5. Label Boxes with The Accurate Description
  6. Tape Your Boxes Nicely.
  7. Consider fragile items.

Just follow the instructions and you’ll be enjoying your new place before you know it. Happy Moving!

About the Author: Mr. Levine has served at New Haven for forty years. He has had several positions within the company prior to becoming CEO, including serving as General Manager of the Louisville, KY office; Vice-President of the Texas Companies, and President of New Haven. Get in touch via Facebook.


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