Creating a Backyard Oasis on a Budget 101

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Summer is nearing and with it some nicer weather. This means you’ll be spending less time in front of your TV and more time in your garden. So, if you want to make that experience super cozy and pleasing, make sure to try these design ideas that will break the monotony of your backyard yet keep your wallet intact.

Cover up your concrete

Concrete patios are convenient, but they don’t really look all that attractive. So, if you don’t want to create a new patio from scratch, you can try these two easy solutions. First, coat the surface with a good stain (warm honey or deep brown always look beautiful) to give it a fresh new look. You can even try a checkerboard pattern to boost the character of your space. Second, you can invest in some slate tiles and lay them over your concrete. This will give your patio that luxury and elegant look yet it will not break your bank.

Boost style of your patio

If you want to create a unique space that will leave you breathless and impress your guests? Sure, floors are very important, but what if you painted your porch ceiling? If you prefer monochrome spaces, you can spice things up and break the monotony with a bright splash of color. You can always have clear skies over your head with a blue ceiling or imitate warm sunshine with bright yellow. If you want to achieve a bold note, invest in an outdoor rug that will coordinate with your ceiling color and achieve a breathtaking effect!

Light up your backyard

If you want to have a real oasis, you need to be able to use it whenever you like no matter day or night. So, make sure to boost the functionality of your space and illuminate it with some comforting lighting. Start by taking care of your seating area. Luckily, you can find all sorts for affordable solar lights, from lanterns to ceiling fans. Some are resistant to all kind of weather and can even be charged from any USB port in case you don’t get enough sun. When you handle your seating, illuminate your paths to boost safety in your space. If you want to know more about solar-powered lighting, check out Gear We Are and their great reviews and ratings of these lighting options. This way, you’ll find the best and most cost-effective option for your yard!

Hang some curtains

Any outdoors space, from porches to pergolas, can become more stylish and beautiful with outdoor curtains. If you want to achieve very heavenly results, opt for sheer, airy and light curtains in crisp white. When they catch the wind, they will instantly transport you to some desert island when summer never ends! Plus, they will block some sun and provide shelter while allowing good air flow. And, when colder weather hits, you can easily remove them until next year.

Install a trellis

Your local garden center is probably full of these little arches. Even though they are cheap and light, you probably never thought about investing in one for your backyard. Well, it’s time to grab one for yourself and you’ll have a gorgeous focal point in your garden. You can place it at the back of your yard, use it to welcome people to your sitting area or mark the entrance to your vegetable garden. Plant a flowering vine on either side of it and you’ll have a real fairytale element in your backyard!

Add some dimension to the space

If you have a large lawn that’s pretty simple and flat, you can add some height to it with boulders and stones. Position them throughout the space (arrange them individually or in groups) and leave some space around to plant flowers (colorful perennials and small shrubs are your best choice). These look very simple and natural but add great dimension and interest to your space. You can also opt for tree stumps you can get at your local tree-cutting service or lumber mill. Pro tip: don’t just pick up stumps from wherever. These might have termites or dangerous beetles that can destroy your garden.

Go vertical

If you have a very green thumb but lack gardening space, don’t worry. You can put your vertical space to good use and create a hanging garden. If you need a cute and low-budget solution for your gardening issue, this is the way to go! For instance, repurpose an old picture frame and create a hanging succulent garden. Or you can use some old ladder, a few terracotta pots and create a rustic vertical garden.


Most of these ideas are perfect DIY projects that can be started and finished in one day. So, if you don’t want to spend too much money on your backyard remodel, pick any of the aforementioned tips and get to work! Your results will be truly impressive!


About The Author: Claire Morgan is a marketing consultant and lecturer who, thanks to her integrated approach to business, stands behind many digital strategies of renowned brands. She enjoys travelling and passionately blogs about the latest interior design trends.

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