How to Make Your Dream Bedroom Renovation Come True

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How to Make Your Dream Bedroom Renovation Come True

You’ve probably been dreaming about this for a while now and the only reason you’ve been delaying the renovation is time or financial related reasons (or both). But the renovation of your bedroom doesn’t have to be time-consuming or extremely expensive as you can do it one step at a time.

And, if you need an extra motivation push in the right direction, your renovation plans are supported by specialists everywhere. It is a proven fact that the environment in your bedroom has a strong effect on the quality of sleep so, if you feel more tired than usual, it’s time to start that renovation.

Below are a few simple steps to take towards an improved bedroom design that is more sleep-friendly and cozy than ever.

#1: Put together a Plan

You don’t have to plan everything in detail, but it’s best if you have some guidelines. For instance, think of what you want to change. Do you want to change the color of the walls or maybe you’re only interested in new furniture?

If you want to start with the walls (and you should if a renovation hasn’t been done in a few years), make sure to choose the colors wisely. If the room has too many colors or if the colors you use are clashing together, you’ll lose the idea of a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Specialists recommend the 60-30-10 rule. This means that 60% of the room should be in your main color, 30% in a secondary color, and 10% in an accent color. Of course, colors must complement each other.

Cleaning the room and removing any clutter before you start planning is highly recommended. It’s easier to envision the new space without too many things lying around.

#2: The Furniture

It’s important to keep things simple and only add the type of furniture you need. This rule is even more important if your bedroom is small. Too much furniture creates the idea of a busy, cluttered room, and you won’t feel as comfortable in it.  

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom and you have to pay a lot of attention to it. First, check if your current bed is satisfying your needs: is it big enough, is the frame still solid?

Next, move onto the mattress; this has to offer the proper back support and coziness for a fantastic experience (for sleeping and relaxing). If you feel it’s not 100% up to your needs, you should try to find out which design and model would be best. A good resource is Try Mattress, a fantastic site for people who don’t know if they need a new mattress or which one to choose.  

Dream Bedroom Renovation

#3: The Flooring

The floor is just as important as the walls and the ceiling and it needs to work with the colors you choose. You can also decide if you want a throw rug or not. If you like the current state of your floors, you can leave it as is, but if you want to improve it without spending too much, a throw rug will do wonders.

Even more, rugs offer a warm sensation, and when you get out of bed in the morning, you won’t feel the cold surface of the floor underneath your feet.

#4: Final Touches

Now that you covered the walls, floor, and furniture, it’s time to add a few touches here and there to make the room more sleep-friendly. For instance, you could add heavy, dark curtains on the windows to keep the light out of your bedroom or you could get new sheets or a new blanket. After all, sleep is always better in fresh sheets!

Another nice touch is represented by the lighting system – since this is the bedroom, you don’t need bright lights so you should go for lamps or lights that can be dimmed out. This way, you can dim the lights out gradually as you feel the Sandman’s presence.

All in all, renovating your bedroom is a great idea. It will make your room cozier and much more comfortable. We spent about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so making the room the way you want will help you wake up in the morning and put you in a great mood to tackle on the day.


Author Bio:  James Rendawsky works at Best Buy and loves to spend time with his family. During the weekends he likes to surf and relax at the beach.

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