How To Adjust Your Front Door In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

Doug Cornwell, COO of Alure shows you how to adjust your front door in this #DIY 60 Second Fix. Over time, your door may tilt and leave a gap between the door and the frame of your house.  With a little adjustment of the hinges, you can adjust your front door in no time!

You will need: a screwdriver, long screws and a screw gun.

1. Figure out where your door is tilting.
-Tip: If you have a bigger space for example by the frame, then your door is tilting down.

2. Pull out the screw, it is most likely a short screw, which is only holding the hinge into the frame of the door.
– You want a screw that can grab onto the frame, as well as the two by four behind the frame.

3. Replace with a longer screw and go back into the same hole.
– Tip: After you screw the longer screw in a little, use a screw gun to make it easier.  This longer screw will pull the door tighter to the frame, which will pull the door up.

4. Close the door and check the door from the inside to see that the spacing is now even.
– This will stop air infiltration which is extremely important on an exterior door.

Now your door can function correctly!

Want more? Check back next week for another #DIY 60 Second Fix!

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