Calm and Productive Quarantine: 8 Home Organizing Tips from Freelancers

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Just a few months ago we could not even realize that our life could be put on hold because of the pandemic. We all went to stores, worked, trained, attended concerts and conferences without even thinking that such drastic quarantine measures could be taken in the 21st century.

Yet, it happened, and around three billion people are now living in a relatively strict quarantine regime. For those who are used to busy office life, a fast-paced work environment, and small talks with colleagues, staying at home and working from home is a challenge.

However, if you learn how to organize your space, you can keep your working mood and be as productive as possible. Modern technologies and several home organizing tips from freelancers can help you with that.

Choose a Room With a Door

To stay productive, you should minimize distractions. Whenever you distract on something, you lose some time because you need to focus once again. Thus, it is important to organize a workplace where you can feel relatively isolated from other family members.

Stay in your bedroom or choose the balcony as your new cabinet. The main thing is to make you feel that this is the place where you work or study. This is not the place to have fun. Secondly, you should make your close ones feel the same about it.

Equip Your New “Office”

Whatever room you choose, you will need to have a desk, chair, laptop, lamp, and some place to store your books and other things. Try to avoid things that can distract you or shift your attention to other errands. For example, there is no place for bills on your table.

You now have the time and ability to decorate your own place to make it as comfortable as possible. To stay productive, you should enjoy being there.

Organize Your Work Time and Let Others Know

A good idea is to let your family know when you are busy and why. Thus, it makes sense to create something similar to a family information hub. You can use it for your daily planning too.

For example, create a poster and place it on your fridge. Mark every busy hour you plan to dedicate to work. Whoever lives with you can track your time as much as you let it to avoid any unnecessary distraction.

Clean Your Workplace

If you have already been using a place to study or work on weekends, it is recommended that you should keep it neat.

To set a productive mood, you should minimize factors that can annoy or distract you. Piles of used paper and pens that no longer work are just a few examples.

A major revision is needed for your files and documents that you have been storing. Try to get rid of outdated documents and unused or broken equipment that only takes that scarce space that you have for work.

Keep Important Things at Hand

If you need certain books or files for your study or work projects, you’d better think about it in advance. Collect all the information and sources you need before you actually get to work. It is always more convenient to have everything at hand than to seek files elsewhere.

To have all important files at hand, organize your workplace so that it has shelves and some extra space. You need to feel free and have enough room to conduct research.

Add Some Creativity

We are all human, so we need some breaks. To make them refreshing and inspiring, try to add some creativity to your workplace.

Put a map to fantasize about future trips or print some photos on the wall to remember some beautiful moments. There are plenty of things that can help you feel motivated and inspired.

Place Some Green Flowers on Your Table

If you feel sad that you cannot go for a walk, you should think about adding some green colors to your workplace. You can place your favorite plant right in front of you to remind you of the beauty of nature around you.

Design Your Own Desk Organizer or To-Do List

If you have time to invest in your workplace preparation, try DIY. The Internet is full of advice on how you can master an organizer for your stationery or a to-do list to have control over things.

Order is always associated with stability. If you keep everything in control, chances are that you’ll manage to stay productive even during the lockdown.

Final Words

This quarantine that has forced billions of people to stay at home is unprecedented. The world has no memory of measures that would have an equal or similar effect.

However, you should remember that all these creepy times we are living in have an expiration date. Eventually, it will all come around, and we will have our normal lives back. Thus, it is important not to waste your time now.

About The Author: Leroy Fowler is a freelance writer working for essaywritingservice platform. He has experience working from home and knows very well how the surrounding environment affects success. Thus, he shares some useful advice on how you can turn your new workplace into a real ‘office’ where you can concentrate and feel in control.
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