How to Make Your Home More Comfortable This Summer

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Summer is almost here, and while everyone is excited to get out of the house and spend time outside, it’s also nice to come back to a cool and comfortable home. But instead of blasting the A/C on high all summer long and racking up a massive energy bill, there are some small changes you can make to make your home cool all summer long. 

Get your A/C running properly

Faulty air conditioning units can still cool down a room—they just also rack up your cooling bill a lot more than usual. If you want to have a cold home during the summer while using as little energy as possible, it’s important that you do regular maintenance on your HVAC system and keep everything tuned up. Having an HVAC specialist check out your unit every year to see if it’s running properly will ensure you’re saving as much money as possible while still keeping your home cold during the warmer months. 

Cook your meals outside

No one ever wants to turn on the oven in the summer—it makes your home temperature rise significantly and can make the rest of your day miserably hot. Instead of making meals indoors and making it unbearably hot, consider cooking your meals outside. Everyone loves a good outdoor barbeque, and you’ll save yourself from sweating buckets every time you want a nice meal. 

If you don’t have a grill outside, try recipes that don’t involve using an oven or stove. Salads, sandwiches, pasta salads, and other dishes don’t involve heat and can be just as tasty! 

Be smart about your blinds

If your home has a lot of windows, your home can easily be warmed up from the sun alone; that’s great in the winter, but annoying in the summer. To keep the sun from warming up your home in the summer, make sure to install some heavy-duty shades that will block the sun and keep your home cool.

If you want to keep the natural lighting but don’t want the heat that comes with it, tilt your blinds so they’re directing the light upwards. This brings the light indoors but not the extra heat. If you’re set on taking advantage of the natural light, sheer curtains will still let natural light inside but still provide a barrier that will keep the direct heat from warming up your home. 

Stick with cotton

Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics out there. When you’re relaxing at home, wearing light and loose clothing made from cotton fabric will help keep your body cool even if your air conditioner is on its last legs. You should also switch out wool bed sheets that you have to keep you warm in the winter for cotton sheets in the summer. They will still feel cool to the touch, even after sleeping in your bed all night, keeping those dreaded night sweats at bay for a more relaxing sleeping experience. 

The color of your cotton fabrics can also make a difference when you’re trying to keep your home cool and comfortable. Black and darker colors absorb heat, which makes you feel hotter than you need to. On the other side, white and lighter colors reflect heat and keep you cooler for longer. 

Open your windows at night

When the sun goes down in the evenings, take advantage of the cooler temperatures by opening up your windows for the night. Not only does it move stagnant air out of your home, but it also acts as a natural air conditioner. You’ll want to make sure you have bug screens on all of your windows to keep all of the little critters out of your house. And if those open windows make you nervous about the security of your home, invest in a home security system that can keep your house secure even with open windows.

The Bottom Line

Summers are going to be warm, there is no avoiding that. But what we can avoid is breaking the bank in order to feel comfortable during those hot stretches. By applying all these tips and tricks to your home this summer you might find that it will be the most enjoyable one yet!

About The Author: Joe has over two decades of experience in the construction and project management industry. From putting in man hours as a laborer to owning his own contracting company in North Carolina, he is passionate about helping others create safer, more efficient work sites and finding the utmost efficient project management processes.
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