5 Home Improvement Projects You Can Tackle in Cold Weather

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Cold weather affords opportunities for warm drinks and festivities, but it can also bring a hefty dose of boredom. You don’t have to let this prevent you from kicking off some home improvement projects, though. Winter is the best time to tackle those interior touch-ups you’ve put off all year.

Beat the boredom by breaking out your toolbox and upgrading your space. Here are five home improvement projects that’ll give your home a brand-new character.

1. Flooring

If you’re like most people, you’ll stay inside all winter to avoid the chilly temperatures. Don’t spend your time shivering because of a freezing floor — or shaking your head at damaged laminate.

Replace worn carpeting with a warmer material or remove it and install hardwood instead. Restore the shine of your wood flooring by deep cleaning and refinishing it with a new stain. Go for a non-toxic varnish instead of a polyurethane coating if you’d rather not contend with harmful off-gassing.

Refinishing requires many tools and lots of free time. Clear your schedule before tackling this task if you’re determined to try the DIY route, but remember that contacting a professional is the best bet if you lack flooring experience.

2. Retiling

Those black and white bathroom tiles remind you more of an outdated chessboard than a home. Now is the perfect time to peel them up and replace them with something more modern and colorful.

Try this idea on either your backsplash or your floor tiling. If you don’t already have a backsplash, create one with peel and stick tiles. You can also install rectangular, square or hexagonal tiles and do the grouting yourself if you don’t mind a complex project.

3. Interior Painting

Repaint your interior walls and give them a fresh look this winter. Touch up the same color you already have or switch it up with a new hue. Neutral colors typically work best for indoor walls, but don’t hesitate to add a pink or purple accent wall.

Don’t forget the blue painter’s tape to keep your space mess-free. You can even use it to delineate your accent wall from the others by placing the tape 1/8 inches from the inside corner.

The last step is the only one that might make your winter home improvement project challenging. Open the windows to let the room air out once you finish painting. You can, however, skip over this step by using VOC-free paint — no hazardous chemicals to breathe in.

4. Reorganizing Closets

Winter’s perfect for relaxing, drinking hot chocolate — and reorganizing those cluttered closets. Maybe it’s not your ideal concept of fun, but doing it now saves you the trouble of trudging along with spring cleaning in warmer months. Dusting and sweeping is no fun when you have to battle allergies, after all.

Get ahead of the game by cleaning your space early and donating old things you don’t need anymore. Organize your belongings with floating shelves or build a few cubbies to store goods. You’ll thank yourself when you avoid tripping over shoes and wayward toys on midnight bathroom runs.

5. Adding Insulation

Add more insulation to your home and create a cozy abode that’ll get you through the winter chill. Look in your basement, attic and crawlspaces for areas that could use refreshing. You can hire professionals to make installation a quick and convenient process. Remember to go around the house and seal up any air leaks beforehand. You don’t want to lose your newfound warmth to tricky nooks and crannies.

Increase the energy savings by installing a smart thermostat in addition to your new insulation. Some devices automatically regulate interior heating based on room occupancy and outdoor temperature. Wave goodbye to your days of fighting relatives for control of the heat.

Beautify Your Home Through the Winter

Put your feet up, marvel at your creation and welcome the fruits of your labor. Home improvements give your space a unique spin, but they also raise your long-term home value. Make improvements that appeal to your tastes and tack on extra cash once it’s time to sell — it’s a win on multiple levels.

Holly Welles is a home & garden writer. She shares more advice on creating beauty in your home on her own blog, The Estate Update, and on Twitter.


Images by Rudy and Peter SkitteriansTEENA COBB from Pixabay

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