5 Awesome Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

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Organizing your home makes life easier and your whole home cleaner. A clean home helps remove stress and makes it easier to relax after a long day. The feeling of a clean, well-organized home is irreplaceable and absolutely worth the work it takes to organize.

Once you have a place where everything goes, it becomes much easier to keep your home clean. That is what makes the process of organizing so important. You only have to do it once to make your whole cleaning routine easier.

The hardest part of cleaning and organizing is always starting. If you believe the task is too daunting, or you simply don’t have time, you can hire a cleaning service to kickstart your cleaning campaign. Once you have decided on how and where to start, you will quickly get on a roll and be able to organize your whole home. Here are a few tips to keep you organized and get you started.

1. Get Rid of Things

The first step to getting your home clean and organized is getting rid of all the things you no longer use. There is no point in finding a place to put something that you do not want to keep. Before you start to organize you need to clean out the space you are starting.

This includes going through everything in that room and deciding the things that you are ready to let go of. Separate all of the items into three different piles: keep, throw away, donate. Once your room is free of all the things you no longer need, you can begin to organize the room.

Continue this process in every room of your house. This opens up room for new things, empties out some of the things you no longer use and helps you know the number of things you will need to organize. The first step to cleaning and organizing your home is getting rid of the things that are just taking up space.

2. Make it Easy

It is often tempting to tuck all of your things out of sight when you are cleaning. This is not sustainable and will end in you having to clean everything again in a few weeks. Instead, accept that signs of life are not a bad thing and organize in a way you can maintain.

Do not tuck your laundry basket into the back of your closet where it is annoying to get to, instead have an empty laundry receptacle somewhere easy to get to so your clothes do not end up on the floor. Do not tuck your containers of toys or supplies onto a high shelf where they cannot be seen. Put all of those extra things into cute boxes and tuck them onto easy to reach shelves.

Putting all of your things out of sight and into hard to reach places will make it harder to put those things back away. This often ends in you having to clean up the same mess over and over again. Putting all of your things in places that are easy to get to makes it easier to clean up messes and easier to get to the things you need.

3. Use Organizers

Organizers are simple containers that can be put all over your home to make it easier to put things away. This includes shelves, drawers, and closets. There is no reason you should not be utilizing these incredibly helpful organizing devices.

Having a place where everything goes is so helpful to keep your home organized. If everything has a place that is easy to find then it is easy to put things back where they belong and no excuse not to. Organizers are an easy way to make a place for everything and keep your things where they belong.

Organizers are very efficient but also can be aesthetically pleasing. There are very nice organizers on the market, and they can easily be made with a variety of materials. There is no reason to avoid using a tool as useful for keeping your home clean as organizers are.

4. Beware of Flat Spaces

It is very easy to let flat spaces in your home become messy. They are an easy place to throw things down when you walk through the house. Places like tables and floors are going to get messy quickly, especially if you have children.

The best way to avoid this mess is by making sure you pick it up every day. If you clean off your tables and pick up your floors every night before you go to bed, the mess will never get overwhelming. This is a very easy way of making sure your flat areas do not become a disaster and can teach your children to clean up their messes.

Avoiding these easy to make messy places is a matter of diligence. It will always be easier to drop your jacket on the table than it is to open up the closet and hang it. Avoiding falling into that routine and making sure to pick up after yourself is the best way to avoid having a messy floor and table.

5. How Often Do You Use It

When organizing, it can be difficult to decide what goes in the back of the closet or onto the highest shelf. The secret to this is putting the things that are used the most often in the easiest to reach places. This will keep you from having to search into the back of your shelves for something that you use regularly.

If you have beautiful plates that you only use once a year or so, put them up high. Shuffle your winter clothes into the back of your closet during the summer and vice versa. There is no reason to have the things you are not using in places that could be filled with the things you are using with any type of regularity.

Organizing based on how often you use it is a great way to make sure the things you need are easy to get to. This practice makes your things easy to find and keeps you from searching through several boxes to get to the things you need. You will already know: the things I use are in the front and things I rarely use are in the back.

To Conclude

Keeping your house clean is a matter of persistence. The matter of making your home easy to clean comes down to the organization. If your home is organized and everything has a place, then cleaning becomes a snap.

About The Author: Gabe Nelson is a content specialist of over 7 years of experience, currently working with 2localgals.com. Just out of high school he set off crab fishing on the Bering sea in Alaska. From there he went back home to finish his college degree at the University of Montana. He has a passion and keen understanding when it comes to house cleaning inside and out. He has written hundreds of content pieces in numerous niches. Currently, he lives in Missouri with his wife and kids enjoying the peaceful town of St. Joseph.
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