Deep cleaning tips for when you are expecting visitors

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How many times have you been to a friend’s house and they’ve said something along the lines of, “Sorry it’s such a mess!” while you struggle to find even a spec of dust or a hair out of place. You may rightly feel almost nervous inviting them back to your home… and decide a pre-visit deep clean is in order.

Whether you’re a cleaning fan or not, there are certain hacks worth knowing about that can halve your time spent deep cleaning by doubling your speed and productivity. For a comprehensive list of deep cleaning tips for when you are expecting visitors, read on:

  1.       Work from top to bottom

A deep clean can be daunting, but not so much if you split the task up into manageable sections. Start from the very top and work down to the bottom to ensure you don’t miss out on any important spots. Don’t forget about your ceilings, either – get your duster out and pay particular attention to light fixtures (including the bulbs). Every detail counts if you want to make a lasting impression on your visitors.

  1.       Consider throwing out your clutter

Guess what makes deep cleaning doubly as hard? That’s right – clutter. All that time spent moving things off your sides and into different locations while you clean, not to mention the hours spent scrubbing and dusting your knick-knacks from a vacation you went on ten years ago, is time you could have spent cleaning an entire room. We’re not suggesting you throw out all your clutter… but maybe some of it (and letting go of the past while you’re at it).

  1.       Don’t avoid your windows

Yes, we know, windows are an absolute nightmare to clean. But if you know what you’re doing, it’s not so bad – and the overall results will have your visitors commenting on just how fantastic they look. For your glass, wipe down first with a wet cloth, and then a dry, soft, microfiber one. You can go tougher with your outside windows, using a hose or a squeegee for faster results. Vacuum your windowsills and spritz with window cleaner if you have any.

  1.       Remember air freshening

We often forget about the difference a nice smell can make to a person’s impression of an area, but actually, it has been found that pleasant fragrances even influence customers to come into shops and make a purchase. Spray air fresheners or light candles before your guests arrive to create a warm, calming atmosphere. If you have a smelly pet to account for, take a look on this post on how to get rid of dog smells in home for a full guide on fixing the issue.

  1.       Vacuum or mop your floors

If you’re inviting guests into your house, chances are you’ll be spending most of your time in either the living room or the dining room. With this in mind, it’s worth giving the flooring a thorough clean in either room in preparation. You might be used to seeing your flooring every day, but it’s typically the first thing guests focus on when they visit someone else’s home. For a deeper clean, use scented carpet cleaner, or club soda, which is great for removing stains. 


The above tips will make sure that your home is welcoming and clean for your visitors. To avoid feeling stressed when you’re expecting visitors, why not create a weekly cleaning routine which would eliminates the need for large cleans and any surprise visitors are welcomed into a clean house.


About The Author: Helen Bell is a content writer for Sparkle & Shine, she is best known for her colorful sweaters and her ability to feature the company on many national news outlets with her writing skills.
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