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No interior design is complete without a nice carpet. Carpets make any room look warmer and cozier, and that is why it is the top choice of homeowners when it comes to flooring. But of course, just like any other option, it has its challenges. In case of carpets, the biggest challenge is cleaning.

If you have children and pets in the house then occasional spills and stains are not a surprise for you. There are carpet cleaning services who will make your carpet look brand new but why spend money if you can tackle it on your own. Let’s look at DIY carpet cleaning ideas that will save you time and money, and bring your carpet back to its original shape and color.

Idea #1 Don’t Rub the Stains

Whether it is marinara sauce from your spaghetti party or your morning coffee, spills happen sometimes and they leave stains. Professional carpet cleaners recommend to clean the stain right away before it’s absorbed in the carpet and a lot more complicated to clean. But how do you even deal with the new stain?

The common thing is to rub the stain until it’s gone but rubbing leads to spreading and creates a bigger problem for you. That is why you should not rub, instead blot. Use a clean cloth or a paper towel with a cleaning solution and carefully blot the spot with a little pressure. Simple, easy and doesn’t create additional stains on your carpet.

Idea #2 Drying the Carpet Is the Key

A lot of homeowners care only about the cleaning process. They use the best cleaning products they found and do a deep scrubbing and blotting to bring their carpets back to life. And when it looks all shiny and clean, the work is considered done. We say – not so fast.

Cleaning is just one part of the process, once you’re done, proceed to drying. If it’s a small spot, you can use a paper towel to dry it but if it’s a bigger area, use a fan or a hairdryer to dry the carpet. What happens if you don’t dry? Very simple, you put your carpet under the risk of growing mold and that’s just another headache for you.

Idea #3 How to Clean Greasy Food

Greasy and fatty stains on carpet are major struggles. But we are here to help, so here is a cleaning tip for you. Scrape off whatever you can of your carpet with a knife until you’re left with just the stain. Put paper towels on it and iron it with the lowest heat. Make sure that your iron is on the lowest possible setting, otherwise you will burn it.

Then mix white vinegar, liquid soap and warmish water and apply it to the stain. Scrub it just a little then blot with some pressure. Rinse the carpet and voila, you have a stain-free carpet.

Idea #4 Clean it Regularly

Even if you are a perfect homeowner and you haven’t spilled anything on your carpet, it still needs cleaning. Carpets tend to absorb dust and if you don’t want you or your family to breathe that dust then cleaning is necessary. In this case, regular vacuuming is your go-to strategy.

If you don’t have the time to vacuum it every other day then you can use a robot vacuum cleaner. That way at least the surface of your carpet will be clean and dust free. For a better result, you can do a deep or semi-deep cleaning with products every other week.

Idea #5 Club Soda to the Rescue

The market is so saturated with cleaning products that it’s nearly impossible to choose the best one that is affordable, not toxic and actually cleans. The good news is in most cases, you don’t even need a cleaning product for your carpet. I am sure you have a club soda laying somewhere around your kitchen, so go grab that.

Coffee, wine and most other stains are easily cleaned with club soda. Dip your sponge in a club soda, blot the stain a little, rinse it and it’s gone. No fancy products with complicated instructions, use what you already have in your house. 

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