An Elegant way of living room décor with more reflection of light and colors

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We use the mirror every morning not to ask, “Who’s the most beautiful in the world?” but to see the refreshing look after a good night’s sleep. It revises us from rest and boosts us with confidence.

In the same way, custom cut glass and mirrors in the room re-energize the entire room with light and energy. No matter if the mirror is on the wall or ceiling, you can feel the difference right after opening the curtain to welcome the sunlight.

Custom Cut Antique Mirror on the Ceiling

You may be thinking mirror-on-ceiling is only for large hotel lobbies or conference centers. It is not. You can put a modern or an antique mirror on your living room ceiling to give it a distinct look. 

In the bright morning, those mirrors will enhance the lighting inside the room and fill it with warmth. During the night, reflection and shadows will create a mystic environment that will calm your nerves after a hectic day. 

If you have kids, they will love to see themselves jumping and running in those mirrors. Those will become a part of their play at home. If you are looking for a custom cut glass and finding about companies who sell online then it is wise to search with glass cutting near me, in this way you can find trusted companies in your area who can provide you the required piece of glass or mirror.

Chandelier at the Middle of the Ceiling

A chandelier adds elegance in anywhere-from a large lobby to our cozy living room. Yes, it is very much possible to hang a chandelier that goes with the interior of your home. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant or royal one. Modern chandeliers go perfectly with the current interior trend.

If a mirror has only one face, the chandelier probably has a few thousand. Think about how bright your living room will look like on a bright sunny day. In the night, it will intensify a single light source in the room to create a more brilliant ambiance.

Mirror Wall Art Design

Art comes in thousands of forms, and the mirror is one of them. In most of the grand-sized medieval architectures in the middle-east, you find the intricate use of mirrors both as an art form and decoration.

Can you have it in your living room? Of course, you can. There are a wide variety of mirror wall art collections to choose from. Some of them are highly detailed, whereas others are simple but stunning.

You can use them on the landing, entrance, and living room walls. There are a few designs that go perfectly with the interior of the bathroom. On every wall, these mirror art designs will create a bright and energetic atmosphere.

Both the light and positive vibe, especially in the living room, will enhance in multitude to make you feel better at home.

Arched Window for Amazing Daylight

Just like the mirror art design, the arched window brings a nostalgic atmosphere in any room. These window types in the living room space will give it a chic look and will allow ample daylight. A brighter room not only seems more spacious but also gives us a feeling of positivity.

One of the best things about the arched window is it will allow light for a longer period. Conventional rectangular windows cut off the sunlight around mid-morning. Contrarily, the arched window has more vertical opening to allow sunlight up to midday.

If the light is too much for you in the living room, put the heavy curtain, and feel the difference.

Heavy Curtains over the Window for Adjustable Privacy

Curtains are to lock out the curious looks! It’s not always true, though. A matching curtain with your interior adds an elegant look, gives you control over the light exposure, and of course, offers you privacy.

You won’t love to see the curious eyes while relaxing on your favorite couch. Houses close to the street face this issue the most. A heavy curtain will help you to adjust your privacy while allowing the light you want in your room.

Just like mirror art or mirrors on the ceiling, curtains can control the brightness or darkness inside your room. The heavy shades will give you a dark but cozy feel, whereas lighter fabrics will offer a bright and comfy impression.

Colorful Cushion and Floor Mat to Add a Bit Contrast

Curtains, no matter dark or light, need complementing elements like floor mats, cushions, and furniture. Changing furniture to complement curtains will not be a feasible idea. However, you can always make a change in floor mat and cushion.

You can go on two routes with mat and cushions. Either go with contrasting colors or rely on the variations in shades. If you have dark-colored curtains, a light shade for floor mat and cushions will add contrast along with a warm look. However, if you use different shades of the same color, just like a theme, your living room will look more decent and spacious.


So ultimately, the placement of lights can give your living room a different elegant look. As part of good interior decorating, it may be worth having those hanging light fixtures moved so that your space looks more modern.

About The Author: Mackey Wallace is working as a freelance content writer. He likes blogging on topics related to Home Improvement, Interior Designs, parenting, and fitness. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Accountancy and Creative Writing.
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