8 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Home in 2022

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With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time you contemplated making certain changes around your home. However, it’s not only our houses that can benefit from an upgrade. It’s us, as well, that will undoubtedly notice a change for the better. You know, all that talk about our homes being the reflection of our personalities and lives. Now, you may be having trouble figuring out just what and how to renovate, which project to tackle. Luckily, coming your way are 8 New Year’s resolutions for you and your home in 2022 – ones that will, hopefully, inspire you to transform your personal space into your safe haven.

8 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Home in 2022 to Help Start the Year on the Right Foot

New Year resolutions have become something of a habit for many people. However, the majority of things we promise to ourselves, we end up failing to keep. But no more! Perhaps 2022 will be the year during which we’ll follow through on all of our resolutions! Starting from those concerning our homes. We’ve got a couple of ideas for you, all of which focus on making positive changes.

#1 Keep Clutter at Bay

Things that clutter your home end up cluttering your life and, finally, your mind. It doesn’t help that once you fall into the habit of accumulating unnecessary things, it becomes a vicious circle you can’t as easily break. But, you can break it, provided you’ve got enough willpower and courage to do so!

Get ahead of the mess by determining what it is you need. The items that you don’t, either toss out, donate or sell. It’s your decision! Then, come up with an organizational system that will work for you! Search through the Internet, as it’s full of clever organization hacks from which you can seek inspiration. Remember to stock up on containers, boxes, and everything else that will simplify decluttering.

#2 Remodel the Basement

Basements are considered dark, gloomy places, but they don’t necessarily have to remain that. They’ve got so much untapped potential, and with enough work and a plan in mind, they can be transformed into one-of-a-kind chill zones.

As far as major work is concerned, hiring the pros is a must. The decorating, however, is something you’ll be able to take care of entirely. Equip the space with pillows, rugs, or anything else you deem necessary! You’d be surprised by what even a tiny bit of color can do!

You might already have certain items in the basement that you’d like preserved, which are best kept out of it while remodeling is taking place. That’s where short-term storage units come into the picture. One of the reasons why people choose this solution is because they’re going through renovations and need their valuables shielded from construction that’s occurring on the premises. Once the work is done, the need for temporary storage stops and everything taken away can find its way back to the new and improved basement.

#3 Go Green

Going green might be one of the greatest New Year’s resolutions for you and your home in 2022! By adopting sustainable habits, you also help the planet Earth! A great place to start doing so is to simply turn off the lights and tap when you are not using them. By consuming less electricity, you minimize your carbon footprint and also keep your bills lower. Another great way to save money while taking care of the planet is to install solar panels. While initially being costly, they certainly do pay off after some time. These days, more and more people are also switching from a standard toilet to a composting one. How about you take a page out of their book and do the same?

#4 Clear Out the Kitchen Cabinets

We tend to accumulate ingredients in our cabinets that we never use. It’s time you took it to the kitchen and emptied those out. If the spices and food are in their original packaging, check the expiration dates and toss out everything that’s expired. Food poisoning is probably the last thing you want in the new year.

#5 Put a Stop to the Habit of Buying Double

You’ve probably been in a situation where you weren’t sure if you had something, so you bought it only to realize, once you came home, that you already had it. Well, that habit needs to stop as it’s a waste of money that’s causing a lack of storage! When you go shopping, prepare a list of everything you need and stick to it. Yes, it will be hard at first, but after a while, the habit will break!

#6 Get the Shoes under Control

Aren’t you tired of the mess the shoes are making in front of the entrance? You better get it under control before somebody gets hurt! Invest in a crate where you can put the shoes after each use, and instruct the rest of the family to stop leaving them lying around.

#7 Divide Chores

Housework should, in no way, be the responsibility of one household member. It should, instead, be a shared activity. Divide chores between family members so that everyone has a bit of something to do. Not even the little ones should be spared!

#8 Create a Home Office

Got a spare room? Well, how about you convert it into a cozy home office? It appears we’ll keep on working from home in 2022, as well, so why not make the place a bit more welcoming towards doing business? You don’t have to transform the entire room into an office, either. You can dedicate a corner of one to work by equipping it with a comfortable chair and a desk.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

What better time to improve your personal space than with the beginning of a New Year! May the above-mentioned New Year’s resolutions for you and your home in 2022 serve as an example of what you could do, but allow yourself to experiment as well. And remember, no project is the wrong one to tackle!

Author Bio: Samantha Robertson is an interior designer with a passion for writing. She’s in constant search of knowledge and, when she doesn’t work, she reads about the newest trends in the industry. The rest of her free time she spends taking care of her dogs and plants.
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