6 Tips To Renovate Your Home Without Effort

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So, you’ve had your home loan approved and have finally bought the house of your dreams. Congratulations! What’s next?

Home renovation. This can be the tricky part because you’ll need to think about different factors. When should you start the reno? What area of the home should you start with? These can be difficult decisions to make.

If you’re in over your head when it comes to home renovation, don’t panic just yet. You’ve come to the right place. Here are the top six renovation tips to help you redesign your home.

Don’t make a start on renovations too early

You might be champing at the bit to start your renovation after having looked at various designs and landed on one you like the most. But have you spent some time in the space before beginning your home renovation?

It’s important to get a feel for your home and its spaces before starting a home renovation. Some of the key things to consider are:

  • Where the sun enters and lights your home
  • The position of each space in relation to each other, and
  • How you move between each space (also known as flow)

It’s no use beginning your renovation without considering each of these points. They will affect your renovation plans. Think about how your home renovation coincides with these factors before putting together a plan.

Put a plan together before making a start

A home renovation is nothing without a renovation plan. It can mean the difference between making an error, accruing more expenses and sailing through the renovation with ease.

Making a plan includes understanding which walls might be load-bearing, thinking about the electrical points and finding out whether the wiring meets the electrical code of practice.

The plumbing is another factor to take into consideration. When planning, be sure to have the plumbing checked for leaks and find out whether the floors have sustained water damage.

Factor all of these into your plan and then you’re ready to make a start on the next stage.

Call in professionals to measure your home

Home renovation is all about spending money on the right factors and the right areas. Measurements are one of those crucial factors that call for a professional’s expertise. This means choosing to measure your home yourself is not always the best option. Here’s why – getting your tape measure out can create problems during the renovation if you’ve made an error when measuring.

Measuring is best left to the pros. Get their help and ensure you start your renovation off on the right foot.

Invest in good value windows and doors

The windows you choose for a home renovation are critical. They can save you money in the long run, particularly if you choose well-designed, energy-efficient windows that lower heating costs.

Also, good quality doors will help with home insulation. If a garage is part of your home renovation, be aware that its door is the largest door to your home. For this reason, investing in a good garage door is important, which will reduce humidity and increase energy efficiency.

Get existing carpets cleaned or refinish old flooring

There’s another way to save money when renovating your home. Cleaning your carpets. Not only does this make them look better, it extends their life. If you clean your home’s existing carpets, this will even help you avoid shelling out extra money on completely new ones.

You might find that your home already has wooden floors beneath the carpet. These wooden floors can be sanded and refinished if wood flooring is your choice. This little renovation tip will help you create a stylish look for your home while also saving money.

Avoid changing the design too often

One final piece of advice for a successful home renovation that an expert from Recliner Life gave is… “Try not to make big changes to your final design multiple times. There are two key reasons for this – you will end up spending much more money than planned and also have to put in extra work which might have been unnecessary.”

Save money by putting together a well-considered design and stick to it. This will reduce your workload.

Key things to remember

A home reno can be a challenge, but there are things you can do to make it easier. The essential factors to remember are to:

  • Spend time in your home before the renovation
  • Get your home measured by the experts, and
  • Avoid making unnecessary changes to the design during the renovation (which can also cost a lot of money)

Keep these points in mind and you’ll soon have an immaculate, flawless home that shows elegance, saves you money in terms of energy and invites your friends and family in.

About The Author: Howie Robleza. A freelance writer interested in tech, legal and property trends.  When she’s not writing, she works in hotel management.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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