5 Plumbing Hacks Everyone Should Know

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When it comes to plumbing there are a lot of people who do not know what they are doing. Which is fine when you have a big plumbing issue that requires a professional. Smaller plumbing issues are something that anyone can solve.

Hiring plumbers is the best and safest way to get the work done hassle free. However if you are handy dealing with smaller projects, this might be a little easier for you. Knowing how to do a few simple plumbing fixes yourself will save you money and make you feel much more confident in your home.

Knowing a few quick fixes and hacks to fix your own home plumbing problems is a great way to save money and take control of your home. Here are five quick plumbing hack that everyone should know.

1. Unclog Your Sink

Many times plumbing issues are as simple as a clog that is very easy to fix. You could always go out and buy some drain de-clogging chemicals, but those are harmful and often unnecessary. Baking soda and vinegar are all you usually need to fix a clogged sink.

Pouring about two tablespoons of baking soda into your sink and then following it with a healthy pour of vinegar will create a chemical reaction. Cover your sink immediately after you pour the vinegar to keep the reaction contained where you need it. Let the reaction finish and then pour boiling water down the sink to clear out the loosened clog.

That should clear out any clog in your sink fairly quickly and at no cost to you. If you have a more serious clog and this does not work, than try a drain cleaner. A plumber is not usually needed for a clogged sink because it is so easy to unclog by yourself.

2. Fix A Leaking Pipe

A leaking pipe can be a serious problem. It causes water damage and means that your sink might start to smell or that you can’t use the sink at all. It is a hard problem to fix completely but there is a solution that can last for several years while you budget for a plumber or move.

The answer is silicone self-sealing tape. It is a strong tape that sticks to itself and is airtight once you stretch it over a pipe. Just apply it to the inside of one pipe to tighten the seal or tape it around the two pipes to keep water locked inside.

It might not fix the problem forever but it does last for several years if you do it correctly. A plumber will likely need to eventually fix the problem, but tape gives you time to budget and plan around when you can afford a plumber instead of when your sink breaks. This is an excellent hack that will keep your pipes from leaking for a long time.

3. A Plunger

Owning a plunger is probably one of the best things a homeowner can do for themselves. It might seem gross, but plungers can fix a lot of problems. Plungers are great for unclogging toilets, sinks, and bathtubs or showers. 

A plunger is one of the basic tools every homeowner should have. If you do not have a plunger yet then go out and buy one, but in the meantime, there is another way that might fix a clogged toilet. Just dump boiling water and a little soap into the toilet.

To do that you need to stop water from going to the toilet by turning off the water on the back of the toilet. Then you just dump the boiling water and soap in and hope for the best. This is a quick fix but does not always work and you should still invest in a plunger.

4. Low Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your shower is terrible and you cannot stand it for another second then here is an easy hack. Take the showerhead off and soak it in white vinegar for a day or so. Often low water pressure is caused by a build-up of scum and soaking the showerhead in vinegar cleans it out and lets water flow freely.

Low water pressure is terrible and makes it take forever to have a satisfying shower. A plumber will often come in and make your water run better but not clean un your showerhead. That only solves the problem until your showerhead gets too clogged up for even better water pressure to get through.

White vinegar can clear out all the scum and build up that has happened over time. It will also make your showerhead shiny again which is a nice bonus. A bowl of white vinegar is all you need to improve your water pressure without a plumber. 

5. Get the Smell Out

If you have a gross smell coming out of your kitchen sink it is probably debris stuck in the garbage disposal. To get the food out you just need to unplug your garbage disposal and stick a broom handle down there to shake the blades and dislodge food. After that, any smell left is easy to get rid of.

Plug your garbage disposal back in and then drop some lemon peel and ice cubes down your sink. Turn your garbage disposal back on for about thirty seconds and pour a little bit of dish detergent down there as well. This ice will harden any leftover debris so it comes out easier and the lemon will make your sink smell much better.

Getting the old food out of your garbage disposal will make your sink smell better because you will no longer have food rotting. The lemon peel will fill your kitchen with a wonderful citrus smell which will immediately improve the scent of the room. That is the best and easiest way to make your garbage disposal smell better.

To Conclude

Plumbers are expensive for a reason. They provide an invaluable service that many people are not capable of doing and not willing to do. However, they do not need to be called every time you have a clogged sink or a leaking pipe.

Knowing a few easy plumbing hacks will save you a lot of money over time and also help you become more confident in your own skills. Fixing your own home is incredibly rewarding and much cheaper. These easy hacks are the best way to start your own easy plumbing fixes and grow your confidence for harder issues.

You will find baking soda and vinegar are a great tool to use on both smells and clogs. That double-sided tape is a lifesaver, and that lemon peels make everything smell better. Those are just a few of the great plumbing hacks everyone should know. 


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