How To Clean A Showerhead In 60 Seconds

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How To In 60 Seconds

In this how to in 60 seconds, Doug demonstrates how to clean a showerhead without taking it apart.

What you’ll need:
– Ziploc plastic bag
– White vinegar
– Water
– A piece of duck tape

1. Take some white vinegar and put it into a Ziploc plastic bag.
– Hint: If your showerhead isn’t that bad, you can dilute the white vinegar with some water.

2. Put plastic bag around the showerhead.
– Hint: Make sure the white vinegar is totally covering the showerhead.

3.  Wrap the duck tape around the bag and the showerhead.
– Hint: Make sure the tape is tight enough that it stays up there.

4. Leave it for about 24 hours to let it soak up.
– Hint: This will free up any residue on the showerhead as well as the jets.

5. Take the tape and bag off the showerhead and run the shower for a little while.
– Hint: Make sure to run the shower without you under the water so it gets all of the white vinegar out.

And now you have a clean showerhead!  Check back soon for more 60 second fixes from Doug Cornwell.


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