4 Ways You Can Highlight Your Coffee Table In Your Sitting Room

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Having a coffee table in your living room can provide strong opportunities for your design ideas. If it’s done correctly, it can be the centerpiece to your room and requires little amount of work to make it possible. It’s a primary chance for you to show your personality and creative side.

We’re not here to provide rules on how you should make it work, but rather give guidelines on what works. The purpose is to add character to your coffee table to make it the standout feature in your living space. You’ll be able achieve this by following these steps.

Use books

Think of books in different shapes and sizes that look appealing, but also might be something that guests may actually read. If possible, try to use books that can display easily on top of one another and stack up tall. This can create a different dimension to your coffee table. For a finishing touch, add items on top of the books such as candles or plant vase.

Balance out your items

Choosing what items you want displayed on your coffee table can appear relatively simple, but how to organize them is the real challenge. The aim is to achieve balance in your display rather than symmetry – otherwise the display can appear rather rigid and static. Try to follow the classic design guideline of 1,3 or 5. If on one end of the table you have a tall and thin item, balance it out with small, fatter objects on the other end.

You don’t want the display to look too ‘samey’. It’s all about making a balance with differences.

Bring your own personality to the table

There’s no point adding design to your home if it doesn’t reflect yourself and what you like. Are there any particular interests of yours that you might find suitable for the living space? Perhaps decorative boxes or a particular framed picture. If so, feel free to display it on your own coffee table for guests and family to see.

If the items appear quite small, display them on a tray or in a bowl that prevents it from looking cluttered. Unique items can also go a long way to adding a bit of personality and character. Even a magnifying glass sat on the top of your favorite book can help to create a personal style that you might not have thought would work.

Ways You Can Highlight Your Coffee Table In Your Sitting Room

Don’t forget your plants

It’s time to bring nature sitting outside your windows indoors. There’s nothing more complimentary for a coffee table than a display of plants on top of it. Whether you have it to the side of the table or making it the centerpiece, a plant display helps to provide a finishing touch. It brings a sense of freshness to your living room, where many guests and family will gather to appreciate the life it brings.

Use a tray

As we mentioned in the previous step, adding a tray takes a minimalist approach in designing your coffee table which makes a big difference. It helps to collate your items together to display it in a structured way. And don’t forget that not all your items have to go into your tray, display them outside too.

A top tip is to differentiate the textures of the coffee table and tray. If you have a glass surface, contrast this with a wooden, woven tray. Similarly, a marble tray looks fantastic when it comes against a wooden table.

You don’t have to fork out to look luxury

Making your living space appealing doesn’t mean you have to go out to purchase an expensive luxury coffee table. Simple steps like the ones stated above can make a huge difference to even the most un-glamorous coffee tables that are out there. Ensure you have balance and items that help to project your personality when it comes to your coffee table design. From the outlook, the coffee table will easily become the highlight of your living space.


About The Author: Jennifer is a student, originally from Manchester, but studying at the Chelsea College of Arts. She’s currently studying in Product and Furniture Design and is utilizing what she’s learning on the course to create a writing a portfolio. She’s hoping to become an interior design writer in the future as she has a great passion for being creative within home interiors.


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