3 Beautiful Pool Designs for Your Backyard

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Swimming is a great way to keep in shape and perform cardio activities. Having a swimming pool in your backyard will provide an environment for relaxing and unwinding with family and friends after a long week. Aside from maintaining your HVAC unit, a pool can be your only other savior when it comes to the hot summer months.

Swimming pools in backyards also provide a great platform for hosting family occasions and birthday parties. There are many backyard swimming pool designs that you can consider for your home, depending on the size and shape of the backyard.

  • Inground Pools

Do not let a small backyard prevent you from owning that swimming pool that you have always desired. Inground pools are great for backyards with limited spaces. You can renovate your house in other ways while also adding an inground pool. Oftentimes, homeowners prefer to tackle multiple projects at one time. Consider any of these design options depending on the shape and design of the backyard:

  • Pools that follow the shape of the space – a contractor can design a pool that follows the property line alongside the edge of the house to create a pool alongside the perimeter of the house where the home meets the backyard.
  • Incorporating walls into the backyard-this is a technique that saves a lot of space whereby a wall is built along the edge of the backyard to create a pool at the corner.
  • Use of pockets – homes that have yards with a peculiar shape can take advantage of this and fill up any alcove or strange-shaped space with pool water.


  • Sloped Backyard Pools

Certain homes have sloped backyards that may make building a swimming pool quite challenging. However, if your backyard is sloped, you can still build a swimming pool with one of its walls acting as a retainer wall to hold back any soil or dirt from getting into the pool.

You can use any of the following materials as a retainer wall:

  • Interlocking concrete
  • Cinder blocks or natural stone
  • Turndown slab
  • Wood

The retainer wall will serve two duties at once: act as one of the walls of the pool and a barrier preventing soil from the slope from getting into the pool.

  • Step Design

Does your house have unique steps leading into the backyard? You can create a pool in your backyard by extending the first step into a pool that has direct access to the sun and create a cool spot for chilling and relaxing.

Depending on your preference, the pool can be about five or four feet deep for comfort and safety. The entry steps into the pool should not rise more than one foot to enhance the swimmer’s stability when getting into the water. A pool with a considerably lower depth and less water is easy to maintain, requires fewer chemicals, and uses less heat.

Which of the above approaches do you think would suit your home? We recommend that you seek the services of an experienced professional contractor and let them know of any of the above pool ideas you would like in your backyards.


Turning your outdoor space into a beautiful haven of relaxation will make your home more alluring and give it a luxurious vibe that will attract more friends and family members on the weekends. Build the pool of your dreams today.

About The Author: Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Better House Buyers, a home buyer based in Georgia. He has been writing for the real estate industry for several years. Alex enjoys writing on real estate investing, home improvement, and interior design.
Image by Connoman from Pixabay

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