Explore the benefits of adding a sunroom to your home

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When people need additional space in their homes, many choose to build a new bedroom or expand existing living areas. But traditional four-wall additions aren’t the only option for homeowners looking to increase their house’s square footage and improve its function. Sunrooms offer a versatile space where families can mix the comfort of the indoors with the landscape and beauty of the outdoors.

If you’re considering an addition to your home, a sunroom might be a smart option. These durable structures come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made to match the rest of the home’s exterior – so they look great from inside and out. Alure Home Improvement’s basement and sunroom design expert Michael Gatto talked in an interview about why sunrooms are so popular and how they can benefit a homeowner. 

Advantages of a sunroom
Sunrooms aren’t just good for homeowners because they can expand the home’s footprint. Gatto explained that they also have a number of advantages over similar spaces. A professionally built sunroom can be incredibly easy to clean and maintain, avoiding the mess that comes with a screened-in porch or other outdoor area. Because the walls and skylights are made of vinyl and efficient glass, you won’t lose heat or energy. You’ll be able to keep your sunroom warm all year without overspending on your energy bill. Many sunrooms are also guaranteed for life and very simple to maintain, Gatto noted. This lets people focus on enjoying their sunroom rather than worrying about keeping it functional.

Reasons for getting a sunroom 
Gatto explained that the reasons why people get a sunroom installed in their homes can vary widely, but they all have to do with increasing the quality and function of the home. He explained that all of the most popular reasons why people choose sunrooms boil down to the fact that they want “to enjoy the outdoors indoors.”

A sunroom can essentially eliminate the negative aspects of nature while still providing you with a space that’s almost completely surrounded by windows and skylights, which makes it feel as if you’re really outside. Sunrooms give people these outdoor spaces without mosquitos, rain or any of the other parts that can be annoying or unpleasant. Gatto also pointed out that heated sunrooms allow families to use the space all year long rather than just during the summer. This can let homeowners conquer the cold, snow and ice while still enjoying an outdoor view.

Their many uses
People use their sunrooms for all sorts of purposes and activities – it isn’t simply a windowed-in porch. Gatto pointed to using the area as a function space for holidays, family parties and sports celebrations. It expands your home’s space to accommodate these functions, even if your home previously wouldn’t have been able to.

Many people use their sunrooms every day, however, not just on special occasions. Gatto explained that these spaces are great as breakfast dining areas, family rooms, dens, relaxing getaways and nearly anything people can come up with. In addition to adding more square-footage, sunrooms add a more interesting backdrop for the room both during the day and at night.

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