Embrace the sun this summer with a sunroom addition

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Whether you’ve been thinking about adding a new room to your home for a while or you’ve recently started craving more sun after the brutal cold of the winter, sunroom additions are a smart way to create a multipurpose space you’ll use all year long.

One of the most exciting things about a sunroom is that there’s really no definition of what a sunroom is. It’s traditionally a room filled with windows and often skylights to let the sun in, but unlike a dining room or kitchen, there aren’t any design requirements. Homeowners can get creative with the space’s decoration and design. If you’re adding a completely new structure to your home, talk to your contractor about the sunroom ideas you have to make them a reality. Even if you’re renovating an old space, a contractor can still help your sunroom designs come to life.

When designing a sunroom, you have a great amount of freedom and should get creative. You don’t need to stick with padded chairs or coffee tables just because you’ve seen those in someone else’s home. Here are a few unique sunroom design ideas that you may want to incorporate into your custom sunspot.

Create the new family hangout Kids love to go camping. So, why not try to recreate that outdoor, family-centric feeling with a fun-filled family sunroom? Create a stylish space with comfy, plush seating options, lots of board games and plenty of warm lighting options for evening hangouts. While you may have other family areas in your home, consider leaving this one tech-free – no TV, no computers. This space is for family time, reading and enjoying one another’s company with a natural backdrop.

Make a formal space But a sunroom doesn’t need to be a family space – in fact, you can make it a kid-free zone, like a formal sitting room. Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended that people use large bank windows, a chandelier and classic patterns to create an elegant space perfect for tea or conversation with other adults.

Dine outdoors Well, not actually outdoors. A sunroom can make a great nontraditional dining room and is a smart choice for when bigger parties wouldn’t fit in the usual dining room. Create a space that can fit a large wooden table and a few chairs or benches. Not only are the many windows perfect for dinner as a picturesque background, but they let in the sun for a bright breakfast that’ll help wake you up. You can even embrace the outdoor vibe and include a large grill with a ventilation hood for a summery cooking option year-round.

Decorate for comfort If you’re not exactly sure what you want to use the room for, go all out with comfort. Use lots of chairs and even a day bed. This space could become a spare bedroom for when guests come over. Stock it full of good books, calming art and plenty of candles to give it that warm feel at night. Consider adding a fireplace to the room. Although you may want to soak up the sun in your sunroom during the day, you’ll definitely want to see stars at night too, and a fire can make it more inviting.

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