4 ideas for your sunroom

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Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in your house to accommodate the vision you have for your home. Adding a sunroom can help you accomplish all of your aesthetic and functional goals without undergoing a major renovation. Dennis Manak, Director of Sales at Alure Home Improvements, shared some great sunroom ideas to help spark your creativity and transform your house into your dream home.

1. Tropical oasis
For those in Long Island and surrounding areas, the snowy conditions and shorter days can make for a dreary few months. Banish the winter blues with a room that stays sunny and warm all year round. With the proper accents, you can create your very own paradise on the inside of your home. Add all of your favorite plants and flowers, and even hang some tomato and herb plants for fresh ingredients for all of your favorite meals.

“House plant enthusiasts love sunrooms because their plants really thrive in the abundant sunlight,” said Manak. “During the winter months if the sunroom is heated, you can create a tropical oasis right inside the room regardless of how cold and snowy it may be outside.”

To keep your tropical paradise comfortable all year long, Manak suggested investing in a mini split room conditioner, which can act as a heater, air conditioner, air purifier and dehumidifier. It’s a noiseless, energy-efficient way of maintaining the perfect temperature in your sunroom.

2. Breakfast lounge
Imagine waking up rested on a Saturday morning and leisurely making your way to a warm room surrounded by windows. You can enjoy a soothing cup of coffee or tea and take in the natural beauty of the outdoors.

“Many times, people are looking to add a sunroom to their home because of all the natural light it lets in. They may have a very pretty backyard that they would like an unobstructed view of from the interior of their home,” said Manak.

Kick back in your favorite chair with the newspaper and slowly ease into the day in your brand new breakfast lounge.

3. Relaxing retreat
Many people also use a sunroom as an extension of their master bedroom. If this is the route you’d like to take, try transforming it into a relaxing retreat, complete with a hot tub, elegant sitting area and entertainment system with a TV, a stereo and surround sound. For those who appreciate a more hip space, try replacing the stereo with an antique record player. Add elements according to your style, and you’ll create your new favorite spot in your home.

4. Family room
The dining area shouldn’t be the only spot in your home where your family gathers. Some people choose to transform their sunroom into a perfect entertainment area that the whole household can enjoy. The best part is, it’s completely unaffected by the outdoor conditions.

“[It’s a great] place for the family to spend time in without being bothered by pesky insects or inclement weather,” explained Manak.

Add comfy chairs and couches, coffee tables, a TV and plenty of board games and other sources of interactive fun to encourage family time. It’s the perfect spot to spend a rainy day enjoying one another’s company. Plus, it’s versatile enough to accommodate the warmer weather. Manak advised transforming the enclosed space into a screen house by removing the window sashes from the frame and storing them in your home for later use – but use caution when attempting it on your own.

“Depending on the size of the window sash, you may need some help, as glass is a heavy building material,” he warned.

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