Inclement Weather: Are you ready?

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The east coast of the US has been paying attention to the potential of a visit from Hurricane Earl this week and into the weekend. While I hope everyone is taking the necessary safety precautions, sooner rather than later, it got me to thinking about those that are currently in the midst of a Long Island home improvement project and what those folks should be concerned about. I put the question out to our management team at Alure and received some great suggestions. Here are some things you should consider when the potential for bad weather exists:

1) Be sure your gutters are free from debris and can drain properly

2) Have the phone numbers readily available for the company you are dealing with or the trades currently on your job such as plumbers and electricians

3) If you have material staged on your property that should not get wet, make sure it is appropriately covered and raised off the ground to avoid moisture

4) Make sure any basement window wells are clear so they can drain as designed

5) Check for loose cables or wires on the outside of your home and be sure they are secured properly

6) Make sure any loose items are properly secured to avoid high winds blowing them recklessly across your or your neighbor’s property

Homeowners should check with their project manager if there is any doubt about action required to be prepared. These are just some things to consider. Do you have any suggestions to add?

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