Tips To Find The Best Lawn Mower For Your Lawn

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Lawn mowers are essential to clear weeds from your lawn. Manual, riding, and walk-behind lawn mowers are the types you can choose from. We have provided tips to find the best lawn mower for your lawn.

They come with many features such as fertilizing, seeding, watering, and mowing. You can choose a riding lawn mower if you have a large yard to mow. Select a lawn mower based on budget and features such as mulching, bagging, side-discharge, etc.

How to Choose a Lawn Mower

  • Measure your yard size before deciding which lawn mower to buy. A walk-behind lawn mower is suitable for a small yard. A corded or cordless lawn mower is suitable for medium sized lawns.
  • Cordless lawn mowers have features which make it convenient for you to mow them around trees, flower beds, other features which let you trim and shape shrubs in your lawn.
  • Analyze the terrains of your yard. Does it have slope? Is it uneven? A self-propelled lawn mower is suitable for these kind of terrains.
  • You must also check your physical condition before buying a lawn mower. If you lack physical strength you can choose the cordless lawn mower as it comes with many features which make it easy for you to keep your lawn manicured and fertilized.
  • Choose a lawn mower that clips grass of various lengths and sizes.

Types of Lawn Mower

You can choose from different types of lawn mowers based on these features, budget, and capacity. These are the types of lawn mowers based on how they cut and mulch the grass. You can find these features in an electric, gas, or push lawn mowers. Choose the lawn mowers based on the types of blades they come with.

1. Cylinder

These types of lawn mowers could be electric, manual, or gas lawn mowers and have cylindrical blades. They usually have three or more blades and are high-performance lawn mowers that cut grass with great efficiency. If you have a flat lawn, this is the type of blade that suits your lawn for mowing and cutting.

2. Rotary

Lawn mowers which have a rotary blade has a single blade which rotates beneath the lawn mower. Lawn mowers which have this type of mechanism are considered versatile. They could be gas, corded, or the cordless varieties. They are a better choice than the cylinder lawn mowers and last longer.

3. Hover

These types of mowers are suitable for uneven surfaces. If your lawn has an unusual shape or an uneven terrain, this is the best type to choose. These type of lawn mowers are cheaper than others and are convenient to use. They come in the corded variety and have rotary blades.

Features to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

1. Self-propelled

Most of the budgeted lawn mowers might not have this feature. A self-propelled lawn mower need not be pushed and can only be steered. They usually come with an adjustable speed and can also be walked with. They are easy to maneuver in any direction.

2. Grass Box

This feature lets you cut grass clippings inside the box. Look for this feature if you have a medium to large sized lawn. When you have a mower with this feature, it cuts down the number of times you have to mow the lawn.

3. Mulch mowers

This feature lets you finely chop grass clippings and put it back into the lawn. Mulching adds nutrients to the soil and gives you a healthier looking lawn. It is a feature that recycles the cut grass and uses it like a fertilizer.

4. Cutting height and width

Look for lawn mowers that come with adjustable heights. It is easy to move the blade up and down with this feature and cut grass of variable lengths. Choose one that comes with a good cutting range. The cutting width of the lawnmower reduces your mowing time. Select the cutting width based on the size of your lawn.

5. Rear rollers

If you want to get the finish of a football pitch, this is the feature to go with. These types of mowers are heavier and the stripes cut with these mowers last longer. You can mow the grass near the edge of the lawn as well.


These are the tips to find the best lawn mower for your lawn that won’t let you cut grass too low. It helps you keep the grass at a good length. You can strengthen the grass using the right cutting technique. This article helps you choose the right lawn mower.


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