Sunrooms, Porches & More: What’s New in Home Exterior Remodeling?

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The Alure Home Improvements Long Island showroom is a resource for information with full size displays that can help Long Island homeowners envision their dreams of home improvements.  We will often encounter the inquiring homeowner who will ask, –  What’s new in remodeling?

One popular trend in light of the upcoming season of warmer weather is a rekindling of interest that homeowners have recently shown to expand their living space outdoors.  In fact, in 1992, the US Census noted that 42 percent of new homes had one or more porches.  By 2008 that statistic had risen to 60 percent.  Deck replacement, the addition of a new screened porch and front porches are three remodeling trends that are on the rise.

The porch as we know it today is commonly known as the front porch.  It is not so much what is popular in home design unless it is attached to a curb appeal renovation that when completed will update the overall look of a home.  The real interest in porches lately has been a desire to take advantage of the outdoors without the hassle of sunscreen, avoiding the hot sun and or the bugs.

The history of the front porch is as American as apple pie.  It was always the place that enabled just about anyone to engage socially.  Long before there was an internet, wi-fi, cell phones or a 4G capability, the porch served as the place where news of the day, social events and general commentary amongst neighbors became the community bulletin board.  Its popularity was further enhanced during the summer months because the interior of the house became too warm for comfort and the longer daylight hours only gave one an excuse to engage in a leisurely walk down the street to say Hi to friends and neighbors.

All too soon radio, then television and ultimately air-conditioning set in motion the demise of spending time outside on the porch.  Suddenly the ease and comfort of getting news and entertainment right from your recliner set the stage for a disappearing feature in home design.  That howdy up down the street with the neighbors was soon replaced by the convenience of the automobile which could comfortably take you away to visit friends in neighboring towns and back in the same evening.  Often times that trip became more enjoyable as the air conditioned sedan is what dad would use to hit the root beer stand or even the drive-in theater.

Alas, the outdoor experience has made its appearance once again as it has now become the respite for any busy household chock full of right now electronics from the kitchen to the den.  The outdoor space is no longer preferred to be the front of the house but instead at the side yard or off the back of the house.  Being fond of the outdoors these days means one must consider the harmful rays of the sun, avoiding the excess sweat associated with a day at the beach without the water or how to deal with the overt proliferation of insect life that looms ahead due to the early arrival of spring.

The screened in porch of late had been at grandma’s house or at that beach retreat where there was a ceiling fan and a swinging screen door.  Not the most posh environments, it wasn’t a living area that attracted much interest.  What was formerly a practical venue for family dinners and gatherings, has now become a luxurious amenity for homeowners’ especially in New York.

The new generation of porches or sunrooms is a much more exciting venue complete with vaulted or cathedral ceilings and is insulated for both sound and heat protection.  Remote control fans and lighting are now accessories that add functional ambiance.  The use of proper lighting can extend the activities out on the porch or sunroom well into the night making it ideal for reading, the family game room and other social entertainment.

And the interest with the outdoors doesn’t stop there!

Porches, patio’s and the ever popular deck are being transformed by newer and more welcoming products that include engineered decking boards, stamped concrete or stained hardwood.  No longer need it be attached to the house itself, the pergola or gazebos are spaces that have become popular entertainment areas of the great backyard.  Complete with any variety of functionality as it is customized by the individual homeowner, the newly popular outdoor kitchen is an ultimate hot trend in backyard entertainment.

Any of these items whether it be a front porch, screened porch, sunroom, outdoor kitchen, custom deck or just upgrading the existing deck, the outdoor experience can be further enhanced by the home remodeling contractor.  Simply integrating some design features on your outdoor space can make the new addition look as if it were always part of the original architectural concept for the home.  With our Design Imaging, you’ll know that your finished home will look fabulous.  Avoid costly mistakes with our state-of-the-art center that shows you the vision before work begins!

Fully functional for New York homes is the enclosed all season sunroom that your family can use year round.  Removable glass enables a summer screen room, but the overall benefit is added living space for any time of the year.  Any and all of these ideas you may have dreamed about to become part of the great outdoors are only a question away at the Alure showroom.

So launch your quest for the ideal outdoor living space and contact your Alure exteriors specialist to help get your new outdoor getaway done in time for your backyard summer Olympics.

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