Important things to keep in mind while planning a kitchen renovation

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Kitchen renovation is the perfect way to redefine your cooking space into somewhere tailor-made for you and your baking style. When renovating a kitchen, many people expand the room’s footprint, add new appliances and completely customize the space. In addition to the specific aspects that are most important to you and your family, there are a variety of tips and advice that people should keep in mind while planning and working with their general contractor and designer to design the perfect custom kitchen.

Don’t underestimate storage needs
For many people, storage can be the reason why kitchen remodeling is needed. But, as other choices come into play involving the styles of kitchen cabinets and space for appliances, people can forget how important storage is. Think about cabinets that go up to the ceiling, storage under your island or breakfast bar and spice rack cabinets next to your stove.

Add hideaway surfaces
The beauty of custom kitchens is that you can adapt them to your exact needs. People who love preparing food and cooking likely know how important good surfaces are, but that doesn’t mean that you want to give up floor space for countertops all the time. Using a small cabinet with a butcher block top on locking wheels gives you instant counter space when you need it.

The plan can lead to the perfect kitchen renovation.
The right plan can lead to the perfect kitchen renovation.

Put everything within arm’s reach
Many kitchens have certain items in awkward locations – but why? When you do a kitchen renovation, try to think of the most annoying aspects of other kitchens you’ve used and work with your designer to create a space where they no longer exist. Drawer microwaves are very popular to save space and add convenience. Conversely, kids’ snacks can be kept low for easy access. Homeowners may also want to put flatware and dishes near the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Think about your whole household
Even when you’re the one who does most of the baking and cooking, you need to think about the other people in your home and how they use the kitchen. If you have teenage kids, an island for homework may be a worthwhile addition, while if you and your partner like baking together, you should keep walkways wide. This Old House magazine provided readers with a quiz to help them determine which kitchen features can be best for them based on their behavior and kitchen’s uses.

When in doubt, try to be honest. It’s not every day that you remodel your kitchen, so don’t leave out any aspects that you’ll really love. If there are budget concerns, talk to your designer about how to achieve a compromise and get what you want in your new custom kitchen.

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