How to Remodel a Small Kitchen

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A small kitchen certainly has its advantages. It saves spacein the house and provides room for frequently used areas, like bedrooms and theliving room. Also, if you rarely cook or entertain, a small kitchen may beperfect for your needs. But, because a kitchen’s size, layout, and designcontribute enormously to both its functionality and aesthetic appeal, smallkitchens have distinct limitations. When asmall kitchen has cabinets, fixtures, and appliances that are larger thannecessary, the result can be a cramped, claustrophobic workspace. There areways, however, to effectively remodel a small kitchen that will preserve space-efficiencywhile vastly improving looks and practicality.

Minimize theElements

Focus on function. Since you don’t have enough room for allthe features of a traditional kitchen, make sure you have the appliances andwork areas you need. You can use a scaled-down stove and slim-line refrigerator,a small microwave, and a single sink sequestered in its own area, freeing upother area parts of the kitchen for food prep. For even more function withoutadded square footage, you may also want to consider a counter-topped cart thatcan be rolled away into a closet when not in use.

Rethink Storage

Usually, with more storage comes less workspace – unless youutilize a smarter storage solution. For example, cabinets with sliders asnarrow as 3 inches wide can help you store spices, baking pans, utensils, andother small items. You can also install pantry and wall cabinets that reach tothe ceiling, making use of every inch of available space. If you wish to foregocabinetry, which can give small kitchens a boxy look, you can opt for openstorage like shelving, pot racks, and magnetic knife or spice holders. This notonly creates a more spacious feel, but it also lets you show off your favorite dishware and even provides room forartwork.   

The design experts at Alure Home Improvements understandthat when it comes to kitchen remodels, one size does not fit all. With morethan 70 years’ remodeling experience, we have a well-earned reputation forproviding Long Island homeowners with products that meet their specifics needsand add value to their homes. Whether you want to maximize the space in yoursmall kitchen or update its appearance, our experienced team can help youselect the cabinets, fixtures, and counters that will transform your smallkitchen into a beautiful model of premium efficiency and high design. Contact Alure Home Improvements today and ask about our10-day kitchen and custom kitchen services.

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