10 ways to add more color to your new kitchen design

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Whether you’re going for a professional, chef-style kitchen with a variety of stainless steel surfaces or a warmer, rustic kitchen design filled with natural hues, it can be easy to forget to include vibrant colors. However, from appliances to artwork, bold and bright colors are becoming increasingly popular in many homes.

Take advantage of this trend and inject a little extra color into your kitchen during your renovation. Work with your kitchen design expert to create a cohesive and stylish kitchen that uses some of these elements in bold colors to enhance your new cook space.

1. Linens 
Using vibrantly colored dishtowels, napkins, potholders and placemats is a quick way to throw new colors into your kitchen. These inexpensive additions can be kept in one shade to match the rest of your design or switched intermittently to keep your space looking fresh and new with varying accents. Work with your design to install hooks or bars that will showcase these subtle elements when not in use.

Don't be afraid to incorporate bold napkins and hand towels.
Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold napkins and hand towels.

2. Colorful cabinet interiors 
Whether with paint or liners, you can use an accent color in the interior of your cabinets to contrast the rest of the kitchen’s color palette. This works particularly well with cabinets that have glass or open doors. Talk to your kitchen designer about whether this option is right for your home.

3. Backsplash
Your backsplash blends the space between your new countertop and the cabinets. Whether you opt for larger subway tiles or smaller mosaics, this can be a great space to add more color. Find a bold color that complements your new countertop. Many people add a light yellow, strong navy or natural green.

4. Plants 
What adds a little life to a room better than houseplants? Use plants on the windowsills, countertop, island and shelves to inject green and floral hues into your room. Additionally, colored pots or planters can add even more color into your kitchen.

Use colorful seating to enhance your room design.
Use colorful seating to enhance your room design.

5. Stools or seats
Whether they’re around your kitchen table or along the breakfast bar, seats and stools are an empty canvas that can be used to add your accent color to the room. If you have artwork nearby, opt for seats that complement and enhance this piece.

6. Light fixtures
When you and your designer discuss lighting options for your kitchen renovation, look for an opportunity to add a dash of color. If you’re considering pendant lights, look for red glass coverings for a strong accent or colorful patterned light shades, depending the space.

7. Accent rug
Whether your floor is tiled or hardwood, a vibrant rug in front of the sink is a smart and practical design choice. Work with your designer to find the material, style and pattern that works best for the rest of your kitchen. Remember to find a rug that will be slip resistant as well.

8. Dishes, pots and pans 
If you’re planning on hanging your pots, displaying your pans or putting away your dishes on visible shelves, these functional pieces can quickly become design elements. Complete your kitchen renovation project by adding new, colorful dishes and cookware. If you already have dishes that you want to display, make sure your renovation includes hooks and shelves for better display.

A little fruit can add a lot of color.
A little fruit can add a lot of color.

9. Fruit bowl
No need to imitate the brightest colors of nature – just use the real thing. Display fresh oranges, apples, lemons, limes and any other seasonal fruits that will add to your overall design. It will help breathe life into the room and provide your family with healthy snack options.

10. Small appliances 
While some people are adding color with retro, powder blue refrigerators and ’50s-style candy pink stoves, you can include nearly as much color with small appliances. From standing mixers to tea kettles, these small accents are all opportunities to include more color in your home.

Talk to your designer about how to include the bright, bold and vibrant colors you want in your new kitchen without overdoing it.

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