Operation Bring Andrew Home

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About 2 years ago, 15-year-old Andrew Rosa, while riding his bike, was hit by a car and severely injured.  In order for Andrew to return home, his house needed to be outfitted to handle the special needs of hospital equipment and lifts. Alure and several other contractors from NARI’s Long Island Chapter came together to help his special cause.











“This was a great example of two communities coming together, the contractor community and the friends and family of the Rosa family. The contractors knew they needed to get involved so Andrew wouldn’t need to spend extended time in the hospital or rehab facility and his support system of friends and family were right there willing to lend a helping hand for whatever was needed,” said Doug Cornwell, VP of Operations, Alure Home Improvements.

With the help of these wonderful contractors and friends, the Rosa family has a brand new extension with two bedrooms and a universal design bath to be able to accommodate Andrew’s equipment.

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