Alure’s top 5 favorite Long Island beaches

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When many people think of Long Island, the images that pop into their minds are of windswept dunes, crashing surf and sandy beaches. With more than 400 miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that Long Island is well-known and frequently visited for its many beaches. It’s too hard to pick out any of Long Island’s beaches as the best – there are so many great ones to choose from! But Alure Home Improvements did select a few favorites that your family might enjoy this summer, whether you’re taking the train from the city or driving from one part of the island to another.

1. Jones Beach State Park
When people discuss Long Island’s best beaches, Jones Beach State Park often comes up, and for good reason – it’s got everything you need. With 6 to 8 million visitors a year, it can be crowded at times, but this beach offers plenty of space with 6.5 miles of coastline and 2,400 acres of park space. This park mixes the fun of the beach with picnicking, sports like basketball, historic exhibits and numerous other activities, including cycling.

2. Robert Moses State Park
Continuing eastward along the southern coast, Robert Moses State Park offers families a slightly different experience than Jones Beach. It still has 5 miles of beach and activities such as mini golf, but Robert Moses State Park specializes in surfing, surf fishing and boats, with 40 day-use boat spots. If your kids start getting bored by this more minimal beach, take them on a walk to the famed, picturesque lighthouse!

3. Oyster Bay’s north coast beaches
Jones Beach is located in the town of Oyster Bay, but there are several beaches on the north shore of this large Long Island community as well. Centre Island Beach and Charles E. Ransom Beach in Bayville are two great options for swimming and other water recreation in Long Island Sound. There’s no shortage of splendid views either, with the harbor nearby. There are also plenty of beach snacking options.

“Centre Island Beach on the Long Island Sound has been a favorite spot for my wife and I. For me, that area goes way back in my family as my great grandfather and great grandmother had a bungalow along the beach. The beach also offers the best view of sunsets as you face west towards the Bronx and New Rochelle. It’s a great place to clear the mind,” said John Doyle, Alure’s Director of Technology & Communications.

Make sure your visit one of Long Island's best beaches this summer.
Make sure your visit one of Long Island’s best beaches this summer.

4. Long Beach
Large and historic, the 3.5-mile beach in the city of Long Beach is back and better than ever following Hurricane Sandy. The city rebuilt its scenic boardwalk after the devastating storm, and now it’s a modern masterpiece complete with WiFi. But it isn’t just the great shopping and dining near the boardwalk that make this beach a treat. Its beautiful sandy coast is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and building sand castles, too. It’s located next to Atlantic Beach and Lido Beach, south of Oceanside.

5. Montauk
At the easternmost tip of Long Island, poking out into the Atlantic Ocean, Montauk gives people beachgoing options on its north, south and east coasts. To see the north shore, people will want to take a quick hike through Hither Woods Preserve, Napeague State Park or Montauk State Park. The east coast is best viewed by the beautiful lighthouse, which was built more than 200 years ago under the approval of George Washington. The south shore has the long, sandy traditional beaches that families may find a bit less crowded than the more westward options.

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